Wardlow discusses AEW’s roster size: Even if you’re not on TV every week, you’re still allowed to do what you want

Wardlow weighs in on AEW's growing roster and also answers the question of if he'd be interested in joining WWE

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Wardlow chimes in the conversation about the size of AEW’s roster.

Since wrapping up his on-screen program with MJF, Wardlow set his sights on the TNT Championship which is currently in Scorpio Sky’s possession. The last time the two went one-on-one was in mid-March and Sky retained after inference from MJF.

Wardlow has been a part of AEW since 2019. He did a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest and touched on the growth of the roster over the years. He said they do have a large roster and maybe it’s a little overinflated, but talents are allowed to wrestle outside of the company and venture into other projects.

So here’s the thing, we obviously have a very large roster and not everybody is going to get as much time as everybody else. But at the end of the day, AEW gives everyone, for the most part, complete and total freedom to do whatever they want outside of it. So even if you’re not on TV every week, you’re still allowed to go perform and do what you want and you’re still getting a paycheck. Maybe it’s a little overinflated, you know, but, things will work out.

When asked if he’d be interested in joining WWE, Wardlow said he never says ‘never’ about anything in life but he’s happy where he is.

I’m very, very happy where I am. I never say never about anything in life. But as of right now, I’m very happy where I am.

On the 6/15 Dynamite, Wardlow emerged victorious from a Twenty-On-One Handicap match against security guards.

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