Virgil comments on how he’s feeling physically, responds to those who slander Olive Garden

Virgil states that although his shoulder cramps up, he's feeling okay and continues to work out

Photo Courtesy: @TheRealVirgil on Twitter

Virgil states that he’s doing good and is still working out.

Back in April, former WWF/E and WCW talent Virgil shared that he went to a doctor and learned that he suffered two strokes and was suffering from an early stage of dementia. He noted in his post that he was unaware he had a stroke until he was not able to put one of his arms to use.

K & S WrestleFest hosted a virtual signing with Virgil and he was asked how he’s doing. Virgil stated that although his shoulders get cramped up, he feels good and is still able to work out.

My shoulders get cramped all up, and you just can’t lift your arms all the way up like you usually do, and I think it comes from like… I took all my shots and stuff so I don’t really know where it really came from… Signing, your arms get tired.

Yeah [I’m feeling good]. I still work out with my little dumbbells. Got 45-pound dumbbells… little easy crowbar so [I] can still work out with it. But you still take your vitamins and stuff and take about three bottles of water a day.

As the signing went on, Virgil continued to joke about Olive Garden and responded to those who slander the restaurant.

Those jerkoffs don’t know. They didn’t go to Olive Garden to do no eating. Go to Olive Garden, spend about a hundred dollars and you get some — about four big containers of meat sauce and you spread it all over that nice spaghetti right there and you have about 15 breadsticks. That’s all you need and your belly gonna grumble. It’s gonna growl.

In May, Virgil revealed that he was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer. He set up a PayPal pool to help with medical expenses.

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