MLW Kings of Colosseum Report: Alex Hammerstone vs. Richard Holliday for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Alex Hammerstone defends the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Richard Holliday on this week's edition of Fusion.

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #153 – “Kings of Colosseum”

July 14th, 2022

2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Brittany Blake vs. Zoey Skye

Zoey Skye enters the ring hitting Brittany Blake with a missile dropkick to ring the bell and go for the pin right away but gets a two count. Skye continues on the offense, hitting a suplex and a leg drop for another near fall. Blake comes back with an Enziguri and spear in the corner, hitting a backbreaker for a two. Skye comes back with more kicks and a top rope crossbody for another two. Blake is able to trip Skye to the outside and hits her with the 609, which is a modified 619, followed by a top rope dive that Skye dodges and hits a backstabber for a two. Blake dodges a running Skye in the corner and hits a tornado DDT for a two before putting on her submission move called the Bad Omen, which is a modified cloverleaf, as Skye taps out.

Winner: Brittany Blake by submission at 2:37

The Judge is Watching

Commentary introduces their brand new MLW correspondent Sam Leterna who is backstage with EJ Nduka. Leterna asks Nduka for his thoughts on tonight’s main event between Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday, in which Nduka says she should be asking why the most dominant man in MLW, himself, is not in the match, before saying the Judge is in the building and he will be watching, and his time is coming.

We see a hype video for Alex Hammerstone talking about his accolades and requirements in MLW being heavyweight champion and how he won’t lose to Richard Holliday.

New Season – This Fall

The commentary then mentions that the new season of MLW Fusion will kick off this fall with a live event from El Paso, Texas and they will have some big news in the days and weeks ahead.

MLW x Hot Topic

The summer of surprises continues as Hot Topic has joined forces with MLW to bring MLW and its fighters merch at starting right now.

Memory Lane

Sam Leterna is backstage with Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout as Leterna asks Holliday for his thoughts ahead of tonight’s match. Holliday says when Alex Hammerstone walks down that aisle tonight, he needs to treat it like memory lane, and with every step he takes he should reminisce about the times that they had and to think about when The Dynasty first started, and they were brothers in arms and best friends and would go to Mexico to Hammerstone’s ‘pharmacies’ and had so much fun. Then when they finally get in the ring and Hammerstone is standing across from him, he wants him to look directly into his eyes and to know all those memories mean nothing to him because he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about him and the only thing he cares about is money, winning and championships. And tonight, he is going to prove it was always him and he was the sole proprietor of The Dynasty and will walk out the MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Alicia says she already made plans in The Hamptons for them and that title, as Leterna looks disgusted at them kissing, and walks away.

ACH vs. Matt Cross

They lock up right away, as commentary mentions all the obscure countries that Matt Cross has wrestled in. They run the ropes, before exchanging arm drags and chops. Cross takes ACH down with a head scissors, splash in the corner, and a falling elbow drop for a one-count. Cross chops ACH in the ropes, but ACH comes back with a Muta Lock, but Cross breaks it up by grabbing the ropes. Cross comes back with a cross body, goes to the top rope, and hits a double stomp to the back and a pump kick for a two count as they go to commercial.

When we come back, they are fighting on the apron, where Cross gets dropkicked off of and ACH meets him with a cross body to the outside. ACH sends Cross back inside, goes to the top rope, but Cross runs up and meets him before they both fall down where ACH hits a suplex for a two count. They get into a forearm exchange, run the ropes as Cross hits a Koji Cutter, goes to the top rope, and hits the Shooting Star Press for the pin and the win.

Winner: Matt Cross by pinfall at 6:17

The Consequence

Alex Hammerstone is backstage and talks about finally being here with the match that Richard Holliday and he’s probably nervous now and the nerves are taking him over and it’s not a fairy tale fantasy. All Holliday’s actions have consequences and when he looks him in the eye, he wants Holliday to know that Hammerstone is the consequence.

We see a backstage video of a hooded shadowy figure going into Richard Holliday’s locker room.

The American Pup

We go to the Bomaye Fight Club backstage as Alex Kane says Davey Richards doesn’t have what it takes, mentally or physically as Myron Reed says he trained with him, and he isn’t impressed as Kane calls Richards ‘the American Pup’ and he’s going to dog walk his ass all over New York.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Richard Holliday (w/ Alicia Atout)

Richard Holliday comes out with the white jacket that is stained with the blood of Alex Hammerstone from his attack on him, weeks ago. As soon as the bell rings, they go to blows right away, before Hammerstone starts kicking Holliday in the corner and hits him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Hammerstone goes for the Nightmare Pendulum, but Holliday escapes and gets clotheslined to the outside. Holliday drags Hammerstone to the outside, but Alicia Atout gets in between them, distracting Hammerstone long enough for Holliday to hit a Russian Leg Sweep on the outside as they go to the commercial.

When we come back, they are inside the ring where Hammerstone rams Holliday in the corner before Holliday comes back with a spinebuster for a two. Holliday starts stomping Hammerstone in the corner, hits a neckbreaker, and gets a two-count. Holliday starts stomping on the ankle of Holliday, but Hammerstone pushes him off with his leg. Hammerstone hits a bunch of clotheslines and a German Suplex, but Holliday comes back with a double under hook suplex as Alicia gets on the apron. Holliday grabs her shoe that she threw in and knocks Hammerstone out with it, but Hammerstone kicks out at two. Hammerstone picks Holliday up in a Fireman’s Carry but knocks referee Frank Gastineau to the outside in the process, and there is no one to make the pin count for Hammerstone. Cesar Duran sends one of his Azteca henchmen to the ring, who’s wearing a referee shirt, but this distracts Hammerstone as Holliday starts attacking Hammerstone. Holliday brings a chair inside and the Azteca referee allows it. Holliday starts smacking the back of Hammerstone with the chair and hits the 2008 on top of the chair. As the Azteca referee goes to make the count, Gastineau pulls him out of the ring and takes him out. Holliday gets in the face of Gastineau, yelling at him, but Hammerstone is able to pull the chair out of Holliday’s hands and tosses it to the outside. Hammerstone starts to Hulk up and takes Holliday down with three clotheslines, and takes out the Azteca referee as well when he tries to come back in. Hammerstone takes Holliday down with a press slam followed by the Nightmare Pendulum and gets the three count for the win.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone by pinfall at 9:53, to retain

Mystery Behind Mads

As the show goes off the air, we see another video of Mads Krugger, stumbling and trying to escape after his surgery. We see an unmasked Krugger with a damaged face, and he calls to someone who puts his hand on Krugger’s shoulder. It fades out and we don’t see who the mystery person is.

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