Tony Nese recalls Bryan Danielson wanting to come to WWE 205 Live and work with the cruiserweights

While Bryan Danielson was still with WWE, he wanted to come to 205 Live and work with the cruiserweights, per Tony Nese

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Danielson wanted to work with WWE’s Cruiserweight division.

From 2016 to 2022, WWE had its cruiserweight division and/or Cruiserweight Championship in place. The brand formerly known as ‘205 Live’ is now NXT Level Up and the championship was merged with the NXT North American Title.

Among the list of talents who were 205 Live originals is AEW’s Tony Nese. He reflected on those days of his career during a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner and brought up that Bryan Danielson once wanted to come to 205 Live to work with the cruiserweights.

With Bryan Danielson, there was a whole thing where… he wanted to work the cruiserweights and stuff. So he was able to get [Mustafa] Ali brought over to do a match and stuff like that but that’s kind of where they put their foot down. They were just like, all right, one guy… but it wasn’t even to get in but he actually wanted to come to 205 or whatever. There was so many things that we would always pitch, bringing in names to just come and have killer matches on 205 with us and stuff. We got to do it with [Chad] Gable. Him and Jack [Gallagher] had some amazing stuff. But yeah, we wanted to do it a lot more. I know at one point, Bryan Danielson wanted to do it and everything. Just never obviously made it through, never made it up the ladder. But, that was definitely one that was close and would have been absolutely awesome.

Nese was in action at AEW Fight For The Fallen and teamed with ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling to take on Swerve Strickland in a Handicap match.

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