Bianca Belair feels she’s the face of WWE and a locker room leader, adds that she’s still learning

Prior to SummerSlam, Bianca Belair made the media rounds and stopped past The Masked Man Show on The Ringer

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Bianca Belair feels she’s the face of WWE.

As WWE was heading into the 35th annual SummerSlam event, Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair made the media rounds to promote the event.

One of the outlets she chatted with was The Ringer’s Masked Man Show. As Belair was talking about what she has been able to accomplish in her two years on the main roster, she feels she has become the face of WWE and a locker room leader while still feeling she has a lot to learn.

Two years in the game, a lot of times that’s still like a rookie. I was main eventing WrestleMania as a rookie and walked out as champion so, I’m in this weird spot right now where I feel like I’m the face of the company, I’m a locker room leader but I’m still learning and I think that that’s what’s kind of scary but I think that that’s what’s gonna continue to make me better in the future, knowing that, yeah, I have accomplished a lot but I still have a lot to learn and I can’t wait ‘till I learn even more and see how much further this goes. But I’m really lucky to have come in and Bayley, I feel like I owe so much to Bayley because she guided me so much in ways that she knew and didn’t even know. I just used to watch Bayley and watched how she adjusted to things and how she reacted to things and I learned from her.

Belair’s opponent at SummerSlam was Becky Lynch. She stated that Lynch has helped her outside and inside of the ring. She credited Lynch for what she has done for WWE’s women’s division and described her as an ‘expert’ in several categories pertaining to her work on-screen.

I mean Becky [Lynch] definitely brings out the best in me, inside and outside the ring and I think that’s the most important component of it all is outside the ring. First and foremost, I have so much respect for Becky outside the ring for what she does for the women’s division, what she does for WWE, what she did even before I came onto the main roster, she just elevates women’s wrestling and she just always makes it a priority. She’s taken it to such a higher level than what it was before and just, you know, the way our whole build up to WrestleMania. It was what? An eight-month long feud and the way that we were able to keep the fans invested and she was such a huge part of pushing that storyline and pushing that feud, just creatively. She’s just an expert at what she does creatively, she’s an expert at what she does as a storyteller, as a performer in the ring. But in the ring, she brings the best out of me. I think everybody watched WrestleMania and the whole build up where she tried to take everything from me, from my throat to my hair to my eye and Becky with the big boots, hits me in the eye. She gave me everything that she possibly had and I had to dig everything out of me to overcome her.

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