AEW Dynamite Report: Danielson vs. Garcia, Mystery Partner, Punk-Moxley

John Siino's coverage of AEW Dynamite featuring a 2/3 Falls Match between Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia, and the mystery partner is revealed.

Photo Courtesy: AEW

AEW Dynamite

August 17th, 2022

By: John Siino

Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, WV

Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone & Taz

Tell Me When I’m Telling Lies

CM Punk goes to the ring with the AEW World Championship and said he tried to put on his game face on tonight but the crowd made him smile, but he’s here to attend to some business. Punk brings up not-so-important things first and says there’s someone who’s around these parts and would like to challenge to a rematch being ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and if he wants that rematch he’s got it right here, right now. Punk sits down and waits for him, but Page doesn’t come out as Punk calls it ‘coward shit’ and if anybody else has a problem with the champion he suggests they come on down. Everybody wants to be a champion until they have to do ‘champion shit’ and starts talking about Jon Moxley being #1 in your heart, but not #1 in this ring. Punk says he knows what it’s like to be the best in the world and what it’s like to lose, but says Moxley has always been number two and called him the third best guy in his group and that’s a recurring thing in his career. Punk says the only broken bones have been him, and for the crowd to stop him when he’s telling lies. Punk says ‘interim’ means temporary but he’s willing to test himself against him and says Moxley’s best friend is the ‘third best Eddie he’s faced, and the second best Kingston he’s been in the ring with’. Punk speaks on facing Moxley at All Out and not being the ‘first John’ he’s beat in Chicago and definitely not the best. As Moxley’s music hits, Punk says since this will take time, he’ll do snow angels.

Moxley gets in the ring and says Punk is dropping pipe bombs and writing checks his ass can’t cash. In his mind, Punk thinks he’s the best wrestler in the world but most of the time he’s not even the best wrestler in catering. Moxley says the mic in his hand and that belt on his shoulder, don’t mean shit and right now the belt Moxley is holding doesn’t mean shit until he beats him. Moxley says he’s the heart and soul of this company, and Punk says he’ll be the dollars and the cents. Moxley says the only reason Punk came to AEW is that he ran out of money and Punk ran out of fighting spirit a long time ago. Punk mentions how he’s afraid if they start fighting now, Moxley will start bleeding all over him as they start brawling until security and officials come out to break them apart.

Breaking Backs, Breaking Necks

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Powerhouse Hobbs and says he thought he and Ricky Starks were friends. Hobbs says he doesn’t need friends and Starks revealed his true colors by telling the whole world he’s okay with losing. Hobbs says he’s not okay with losing and for two years Starks hid behind his back. Hobbs was hired to do one thing, stay champion, and Starks couldn’t do it. Not only does he break backs, but he also breaks necks, and as far as QT Marshall and The Factory, he’s also got something for him too.

Best 2 Out of 3 Falls Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia

Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat is ringside as the special timekeeper, as Chris Jericho comes out for commentary and they bring up the Steamboat-Jericho history from 2009. Right away they take it to the mat until Garcia kicks Danielson into the corner to get out. They get into a little shoving match before going right into picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Danielson is in control, hitting a running dropkick in the corner. Garcia comes back and reverses Danielson into a juji gatame but Danielson is able to get out and puts on a submission. Danielson sends Garcia to the outside where he tries a running knee, but Garcia moves out of the way and suplexes Danielson on the floor. Back inside, Garcia strikes down elbows and puts on ‘The Dragon Tamer’, but Danielson reverses and puts on a triangle sleeper hold. Garcia gets out and hits a spike piledriver before putting on a Dragon Sleeper as the referee calls for the first fall at 9:22 as Garcia is up 1-0. The referee starts counting Danielson out, but he gets up at 9 as Garcia hits a dropkick in the corner and they go to commercial.

When we come back, Garcia is in control, kicking away at Danielson who comes back with his own kicks but Garcia is able to put on the Dragon Sleeper again but Danielson comes back with a roll-up pin at 15:05 to tie it up 1-1. They fight on the top rope, before Danielson hits a Spider Suplex, as Danielson is bleeding a bit on his forehead, before coming back with a missile dropkick knocking Garcia to the outside where Danielson meets him with a tope suicida. They start fighting outside by the ring post before driving each other into it and falling down. Danielson is able to beat the count at the last second, as they show Garcia is bleeding as well and they go back to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Garcia has on the Dragon Tamer, but they roll each other through until Danielson tries the LeBell Lock but Garcia gets out. They go back and forth until Garcia hits a busaiku knee and they go into a test of strength while trading elbows. They hold on to each other and go into stomps and headbutts until Danielson puts on the LeBell Lock with elbows until Bryce Remsburg stops the match.

Winner: Bryan Danielson by referee stoppage at 25:58, to win 2-1

After the match, Danielson extends his hand to Garcia and tells the crowd to give him a standing ovation. As Garcia looks like he’s about to shake Danielson’s hand, Chris Jericho runs in and attacks Danielson from behind. Garcia stops Jericho from continuing the attack on Danielson. Jericho gets in Garcia’s face, but Garcia smacks his hand away as Jericho tells Garcia ‘you better think about this’ as the crowd chants ‘you’re a wrestler’ at Garcia.

Respect Your Elders

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Private Party and Swerve in Our Glory ahead of their match on Rampage coming up. Swerve Strickland says they should thank them for giving them a title shot and they should respect their elders and learn a thing or two from them. Keith Lee says after the match, they can go down the ladder again, but Isiah Kassidy said they are bringing those titles to New York.

Why Wait For All Out?

Tony Nese and Mark Sterling come out as Nese is scheduled for singles actions, but Nese gets attacked from behind by Jon Moxley. Moxley gets in the ring and is upset and tells CM Punk they can unify those titles right now and calls out Punk. Punk comes out, but security is able to get in between them and stop them again, including Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta, who hold Moxley back.

Who’s Side Are You On?

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Chris Jericho, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker and asks about the friction with Daniel Garcia. Jericho gives Garcia the benefit of the doubt after having that match but gives him one chance and says next week on Dynamite, Garcia will have to decide which side he’s on. Ricky Steamboat comes in the frame and says Garcia doesn’t need Jericho and his guys and if anybody should mentor Garcia, Bryan Danielson is the better choice. Jericho says he hasn’t liked Steamboat in 15 years, and tells him to stay out of his business. Parker gets in Steamboat’s face and tells him to stay out of Jericho’s business as Steamboat chops Parker down.

The Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) vs. Gunn Club (Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) (w/ Billy Gunn)

Griff Garrison and Austin Gunn start the match as the crowd is already chanting ‘Ass Boys’. Austin attacks Garrison right away, as Colten comes in and hits the Colt 45 for the quick pin.

Winners: Gunn Club (Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) by pinfall at 31 seconds

Scissor Me, Daddy Ass

Billy Gunn gets in the ring and says that’s how you get things down and he is super proud of them two. Billy says he’s done a lot in his career but the greatest thing is working with them two. All three of them hug as Stokely Hathaway makes his way down. As Billy is distracted by Stokely, Austin and Colten attack their dad from behind. The Acclaimed run out and save Billy Gunn and scream ‘scissor me, Daddy Ass’ as Billy embraces The Acclaimed.

We see Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh backstage talking about what happened last week with FTR and Wardlow and challenge them to a trios match at AEW All Out.

Head in a Box

We go to the Death Triangle backstage where PAC says he has unfinished business with Will Ospreay and he’s looking forward to their match with United Empire next week and mentions ‘you must have had your head in a box’, alluding to his ongoing feud with Kip Sapian.

The Shirt Was Right

Jungle Boy comes to the ring and says how he wore an offensive shirt a couple weeks ago and he was told to not wear that shirt again but that shirt hit the nail on the head. For weeks now he’s been trying to hit Christian Cage every chance he’s got, with his hands, a chair and even with a car and Cage has done absolutely nothing. The crowd starts to ‘what’ Jungle Boy who says Cage can man up and face him at All Out unless of course the shirt was right, but before he can continue, Cage’s music hits and he comes out. Cage says his answer is no but not for the reason he thinks, as things are getting out of hand. Cage says he is proud of Jungle Boy, and just a year ago Jungle Boy couldn’t even form a sentence. Cage gets in the ring and continues that things got personal and Jungle Boy said some things he didn’t mean and he wants to fix these things and take Jungle Boy to the promised land and calls him ‘Jack’. Cage says at the end of the day they are family and he loves him, and he’s like a son to him and asks for a hug. Jungle Boy teases it and then attacks Cage. They continue brawling on the outside where Cage low blows him, tosses him into the barricade and says ‘he hates his guts’. Jungle Boy comes back and starts slamming Cage on the steel steps and stomps on his arm. Jungle Boy continues until security breaks them apart.

Nobody Messes With The Pinnacle

We go to FTR and Wardlow backstage who say if Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt have a problem with them they can face them in the ring. Wardlow says nobody is too big for a powerbomb, as Dax Harwood challenges Jay Lethal to a match next week.

Toni Storm vs. KiLynn King

KiLynn King starts the match taking Toni Storm right down to the mat, but Storm comes back with a dropkick attempt that King dodges. Storm does hit a dropkick, but King comes back with a knee strike from the middle rope knocking Storm to the outside. They start brawling on the outside where King drives Storm into the barricade before we go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, we see Storm countered a suplex from the top rope and hits a bridged suplex for a two count. King comes back with kicks before catching Storm up for a spinebuster and a two count. Storm comes back with ‘Sweet Cheeks Music’ and a pair of DDTs and gets the pin.

Winner: Toni Storm by pinfall at 6:50

Rampage Line-Up

  • AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Quarterfinal: Trustbusters vs. Best Friends
  • Penelope Ford vs. Athena
  • We hear from Claudio Castagnoli
  • FTW Championship: Hook vs. Zack Clayton
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: Swerve in Our Glory vs. Private Party

Dynamite Line-Up

  • AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Quarterfinal: Death Triangle vs. Will Opsreay & Aussie Open
  • Dax Harwood vs. Jay Lethal
  • AEW Undisputed World Championship: CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley

They also announce that Thunder Rosa vs. Toni Storm is official for All Out

AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Quarterfinal: Andrade El Idolo, Rush & Dragon Lee vs. Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) & Kenny Omega (w/ Brandon Cutler & Michael Nakazawa)

Justin Roberts gives Kenny Omega a big introduction as he gets a huge pop. Omega comes out with Michael Nakazawa and Don Callis, who goes to commentary. Omega has a compression top with a brace on as Dragon Lee and Nick Jackson start the match. The Young Bucks come in and hit dropkicks to their opponents, knocking them to the outside before tagging in Omega. Omega goes on the attack on Lee and hits the ten punches in the corner. Matt Jackson tags in and attacks Lee in their corner before tagging Omega back in. Andrade El Idolo and Omega go face to face, as Jose the Assistant gets on the apron distracting the referee as Rush attacks Omega from behind and they go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Nick Jackson is attacking his opponents before Matt Jackson catches Dragon Lee and hits a pair of Northern Lights Suplexes, before Nick, Rush, Andrade and Omega all get involved as Bucks and Omega hit a triple suplex. Dragon Lee takes control on Matt before tagging in Andrade and then Rush as they triple team Matt in the corner followed by a triple dropkick before they go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Omega is fighting off Andrade, Rush and Lee with three back to back half-nelson suplexes before tagging in Nick Jackson as he’s showing signs of his injury. All six men start brawling in the ring before Bucks and Omega hit a triple superkick on Lee. They all start spilling to the outside where Omega teases the Terminator Dive but gets stopped by Lee. Omega tosses Lee outside and tries the dive again, but falls down, tries again and gets tripped by Jose. They drag Omega to the outside and put him on the barricade as Lee hits a tope con giro to Omega, with both falling over into the crowd. Back inside, Andrade hits a moonsault off the top rope to Omega and gets a two count. Andrade hits the Hammerlock DDT on Omega, but Matt Jackson pushes Rush into the pin attempt to break it up. Omega hits Lee with a knee, the V Trigger and the One Winged Angel, struggling a bit to put him up, hitting it for the pin and the win.

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) by pinfall at 20:53, to advance

After the match, Andrade hits Dragon Lee with El Idolo DDT as his mask comes off.

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