G1 Climax 32 Contest: Final Results & Contest Winners

The biggest G1 Climax in history is in the books! It’s been a wild ride of early mornings but we saw a bunch of great matches and some new stars ascend. Below are the results from the final day of block matches on Tuesday August 16th and then the final contest results. Thank you to everyone who participated and we’ll see you back next year.

  • CLICK HERE for the full PDF report for Day 18’s block matches, as well as expanded contest statistics including biggest upsets, how people scored vs. Randobot, most perfect days, and most improved.
  • CLICK HERE for a full list of listener predictions for this year’s contest


Below are the final point standings for all of the wrestlers in the G1 in their respective blocks.

Rank A Block B Block
1 Kazuchika Okada (10) Tama Tonga (10)
2 Jonah (8) Jay White (10)
3 Jeff Cobb (6) Sanada (6)
4 Lance Archer (6) Chase Owens (4)
5 Tom Lawlor (6) Great O-Khan (4)
6 Bad Luck Fale (4) Taichi (4)
7 Toru Yano (2) Tomohiro Ishii (4)
Rank C Block D Block
1 Tetsuya Naito (8) Will Ospreay (8)
2 Zack Sabre Jr. (8) David Finlay (6)
3 Evil (6) El Phantasmo (6)
4 Hirooki Goto (6) Shingo Takagi (6)
5 Hiroshi Tanahashi (6) Yoshi-Hashi (6)
6 Kenta (6) Yujiro Takahashi (6)
7 Aaron Henare (2) Juice Robinson (4)


Nobody was able to accurately predict all 8 matches today, which would have been a heck of a feat, so we will instead give recognition to these 18 people who correctly predicted 7 correct matches as that is also quite impressive.

James McCormick
John Pollock
Jordan Goodman
Joshie L
Kevin from Villeray
Mannie from Pacoima
Marc Stankus
Martyn B
Scott McCulloch
Sean Meechan
Tim Beam
Walter Martin


Below are statistics showing what percentage of listeners, as a group, correctly predicted the winners of today’s matches. Winners are in bold.

Correct % Correct # Match
84% 327 Kazuchika Okada vs. Lance Archer
70% 270 Will Ospreay vs. Juice Robinson
68% 263 Jonah vs. Bad Luck Fale
64% 248 Tetsuya Naito vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
57% 222 Hirooki Goto vs. Evil
40% 155 Tomohiro Ishii vs. Sanada
34% 133 Tama Tonga vs. Jay White
20% 77 Shingo Takagi vs. El Phantasmo


While the theoretical swing on day 18 was up to 8 points with an 8-match card, Jordan Goodman’s 4-point lead at the end of day 17 was going to be hard to overcome. Jordan did not stroll across the finish line and predicted an impressive 7 out of 8 correct matches to widen his lead to an unprecedented 6 points to win the E Block. The race for second and third was closer with Eric Marcotte finishing in second place with 51 points and John Siino in third with 50.

E-Block Competitor Total Points Points Today
Jordan Goodman 57 7
Eric Marcotte 51 5
John Siino 50 6
Randobot 2000 49 4
Brad The Archivist 48 6
Bruce Lord 48 4
Davie Portman 48 4
John Pollock 43 7
Neal Flanagan 43 2
WH 41 4
K-Sempai 40 6
Wai Ting 38 2


Jordansho won the contest outright by guessing 59 out of 84 matches correctly which is an impressive 70% rate of accuracy. Way to go! Jordan ended very strong by guessing 7 out of 8 correctly on day 18 inlcuding the upset of El Phantasmo over Shingo Takagi. Three people scored 57 points including POST Wrestling’s own Jordan Goodman, Miss Aussie, and Steve s so we had to go to tie-breakers to determine the other podium finishers.

We asked all listeners, in addition to their individual match picks, to predict winners for each block as well as an overall G1 winner. These picks did not need to coincide with how their block match predictions bore out. For each of these correct predictions we gave one tie-breaker point. If there was still a tie after these tie-breaker points, the secondary tie breaker is the number of days perfectly predicted with the 8-match day being worth the most (which nobody achieved), then 5-match days, then 4-match days. Here is how the tie-breakers turned out:

  • Jordan Goodman correctly predicted that Kazuchika Okada would win A Block and that Tetsuya Naito would win C Block: 2 tie-breaker points
  • Steve correctly predicted that Kazuchika Okada would win A Block and the entire G1: 2 tie-breaker points
  • Miss Aussie correctly predicted that Will Ospreay would win D Block: 1 tie-breaker point

Miss Aussie is confirmed in fourth place based on tie-breaker points. Since Jordan Goodman and Steve tied on tie-breaker points, we go to secondary tie-breakers of perfectly-predicted days:

  • Steve predicted two perfect 5-match days and two perfect 4-match days
  • Jordan Goodman predicted one perfect 5-match day and three perfect 4-match days.

Since Steve had more perfect 5-match days than Jordan, Steve finishes in second place and Jordan finishes in third. Congratulations to all the top-finishers!

Place Points Contestant
1 59 Jordansho
2 57 Steve s
3 57 Jordan Goodman
4 57 Miss Aussie