Patrick Clark (Velveteen Dream) arrested twice in one week in Florida

On August 20th and August 26th, Patrick Clark, formerly known as 'Velveteen Dream' was arrested in the state of Florida

Photo Courtesy: WWE

On August 20th and 26th, Clark was arrested in the state of Florida.

In the span of a week, Patrick Clark, formerly known as ‘Velveteen Dream’ in WWE was arrested twice. A photo of Clark’s mugshot was posted onto on 8/26. TMZ Sports was able to confirm that Clark was arrested twice that week.

Per court records, he was first arrested on August 20th by the Orlando Police Department and booked on misdemeanor charges of battery and trespassing onto property following a warning. TMZ noted that they are working to find out what exactly Clark did to receive those charges.

His attorney filed a written plea of not guilty and he had an arraignment hearing scheduled for September, but it was canceled. The arrest on the 26th stemmed from a previous drug case. He was booked on an out-of-county warrant for a violation of probation.

Clark is still at the Orange County Jail as of this writing on a no-bond status. He is expected to be sent to Seminole County.

In May of 2021, Clark was released from WWE. In June 2020 in the midst of the #SpeakingOut movement, Clark was accused of sexual harassment on several different occasions. Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque told CBS Sports that WWE looked into the allegations against Clark.

You know, in this day today, accusations are made and you take them all very seriously. You look into them the best you can, and you find out what is there and what isn’t. In this situation, [Clark] was also involved in a car accident. That’s what took him off TV. In the moment, all this other stuff happens and you look into it and you find that there is a situation that people bring to everyone’s attention, you look into it and find that it is what it is and there’s nothing there.

The 27-year-old Clark has not wrestled in nearly two years. Last year, he was booked for an appearance for the New Jersey-based SWF promotion but his appearance was canceled following the social media response to him being scheduled for a show.

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