NXT Worlds Collide: Bron Breakker, Mandy Rose & Pretty Deadly unify titles

John Pollock's coverage of NXT Worlds Collide featuring several unification matches including Bron Breakker vs. Tyler Bate.

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Welcome to our coverage of NXT Worlds Collide from the WWE Performance Center.

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NXT Worlds Collide
September 4, 2022
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

  • NXT & NXT UK Championship Unification: Bron Breakker def. Tyler Bate in 17:11 [Recommended]
  • NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter © def. Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H. in 10:20
  • NXT Women’s & NXT UK Women’s Unification: Mandy Rose def. Meiko Satomura & Blair Davenport in 13:18
  • NXT Tag Team & NXT UK Tag Team Unification: Pretty Deadly def. The Creeds, Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs & Gallus in 15:06
  • NXT North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes © def. Ricochet in 15:58 [Recommended]

Carmelo Hayes vs. Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship

For Hayes’ entrance, there were graphics of various jerseys listing off all the men Hayes has defended the title against and included one with Ricochet’s name.

The beginning saw acrobatics displayed by each and Ricochet a step ahead of Hayes as the audience chanted “NXT”. After assistance from Trick Williams, Hayes got the advantage and drilled Ricochet with a superkick.

The two leaped off the second rope and crashed in mid-air with dual reverse crossbody’s and looked incredible given the height each one had and dropped to the mat as the audience cheered. Each blocked the other’s maneuvers including a Benadriller attempt by Ricochet, but he would successfully hit the Recoil when Williams pulled Hayes’ leg under the rope to stop the count. This led to a baseball slide dropkick by Ricochet to Williams.

Ricochet would land the Benadriller after a striking battle, Hayes bounced off the ropes and responded with his own Recoil on Ricochet. Ricochet hit a poison ‘rana and sent Williams off the apron with a springboard dropkick. Ricochet went to the top, and landed on his feet from the shooting star press attempt but Hayes executed an inside cradle and caught Ricochet for the pin.

WINNER: Carmelo Hayes in 15 minutes and 58 seconds to retain the North American title

Ricochet was frustrated after the loss and noted how close he came and having to deal with Trick Williams throughout the match. They did a lot of high-flying spots and the audience loved the match and it wasn’t hard for the crowd to buy into the idea of the main roster performer winning the title. It was a very good opener and Hayes and Williams are a great duo.

The Creeds w/ Damon Kemp vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen w/ Fallon Henley vs. Pretty Deadly w/ Lash Legend vs. Mark Coffey & Wolfgang w/ Joe Coffey for the NXT & NXT U.K. Tag Team Championships

It’s an elimination match and the winners will be the unified tag team champions.

Henley attacked Legend early on and they continued to fight on the floor as Pretty Deadly and Briggs & Jensen got involved.

Briggs back body dropped Jensen onto Prince & Julius Creed on the floor, Wolfgang then send Coffey onto the bodies on the floor and Brutus climbed to the top but his cannonball was stopped by Wolfgang, who hit a superplex.

Coffey tripped Jensen, who crashed off the top and led to Coffey pinning Jensen for the first elimination at the 4:44 mark of the match.

The Creeds hit a version of the Doomsday Device on Wolfgang with Brutus coming off the top with a cannonball and Julius pinned Wolfgang at he 8:40 mark.

Pretty Deadly double-teamed Brutus after Wilson lit him up with vicious uppercuts. Julius receives the tag, but they note he’s been nursing his elbow throughout the match.

Jensen & Briggs are brawling with Gallus by the entrance and have to be separated.

Julius hoisted Prince for a vertical suplex, went down to a knee and dead-lifted Prince back in the air to complete the suplex. Julius followed with an Angle Slam for a two-count as the eliminated teams continued to brawl ringside and led to the referee being knocked down on the floor.

Wilson brought a chair into the ring and was speared by Kemp, took the chair and nailed Julius from behind and connected with a Uranage. Elton Prince was surprised, and Kemp rolled the referee into the ring and he counted three.

WINNERS: Pretty Deadly to become unified NXT & NXT UK Tag Team Champions

There was a lot going on throughout the match with eight wrestlers and four people in the respective corners getting involved. The high point was Julius Creed after receiving the hot tag and you can so much potential for him as a future top guy. It was all about the betrayal by Damon Kemp as the story coming out of the match and the disintegration of Diamond Mine.

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks were in the back and D’Angelo explained why they had to cut bait on Legado del Fantasma. Cameron Grimes walked in and invited him to join them for a chat, which Grimes turned down.

Mandy Rose vs. Meiko Satomura vs. Blair Davenport for the NXT & NXT Women’s Championships

Satomura yanked Davenport off the apron and lit her up with kicks. Davenport got out of the way from Rose, who ran into the steps allowing Davenport to hit a double stomp on Rose.

Davenport leaped to the top when Rose pulled her down and entered the ring with Satomura. They exchanged strikes with Satomura getting the better of it and hitting a roundhouse kick to the head. Davenport returned and was hit by a superplex from Rose followed by a frog splash off the top by Satomura but Rose broke up the cover. This led to a “women’s wrestling” chant.

Satomura hit the Satomura Special on Rose but couldn’t do the same to Davenport, who got out of the way. Davenport was hit by kicks from Satomura, who hit a Satomura Special to both.

Davenport broke up a cover with a double stomp, hit a Kamigoye to Satomura and she kicked out.

Satomura broke up a cover with the Scorpio Rising and had Davenport beat but then Rose hit Kiss by the Rose on Satomura and pinned Davenport to unify the titles.

WINNER: Mandy Rose in 13 minutes and 18 seconds to unify the NXT & NXT U.K. Women’s Championships

They had a really nice match with Satomura and Davenport more of the stand-outs, Rose stood out a few times and wasn’t as smooth as the other two but did her part. This was a match largely focused on the striking from Satomura and Davenport and doing near-falls with the odd woman out making the save throughout the match. Perhaps a mild surprise seeing Rose retain the title as there just felt like a lot more options with either Satomura or Davenport but they are continuing the lengthy reign of Rose.

They moved the match between Axiom and Nathan Frazier to this Tuesday’s episode.

Wes Lee was interviewed about JD McDonagh and called him “dark” but the rain doesn’t scare McDonagh and he can get “weird” with McDonagh this Tuesday but he won’t like the results.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Nikki and Doudrop isolated Chance in their corner and she had to fight her way free. Nikki trapped her in the ring skirt and fired off forearms on Chance. It was all Doudrop & Nikki throughout the first half as they dominated Chance and cut the ring in half. Chance got out of the way of an Avalanche by Doudrop and an elbow drop attempt by Nikki, allowing Chance to tag Carter.

Carter hit a backstabber on Nikki and followed by a foot stomp by Chance off the turnbuckle. Doudrop and Nikki came back moments later with the A.S.H. Drop (a Samoan drop by Doudrop with an assisted neck breaker).

Toxic Attraction’s theme began playing as Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin ran down and Nikki attacked them. Carter & Chance capitalized and hit their finisher to Doudrop and got the win as Nikki was too late to make the save.

WINNERS: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter in 10 minutes and 20 seconds to retain the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

It was an average match and a weak ending with the distraction leading to the ending, although it plays up the mounting tension between Nikki and Doudrop that was showcased on SmackDown two episodes ago and likely continues their problems. The match was nothing special with Carter selling for the entire first half of the match.

The Dyad is backstage and meet Grayson Waller and comments on Rip Fowler’s white eye. McKenzie Mitchell asked about gouging Apollo Crews’ eye on Tuesday and his mother is disappointed in him and sounds depressed that he let his Mom down and brought down the Waller family name before telling her to “kiss his ass” and doesn’t need family bringing him down.

Bron Breakker vs. Tyler Bate for the NXT and NXT UK Championship

Bate’s entrance featured him walking in the back and seeing footage of his inaugural title run and all the successive champions including his second win.

The audience was chanting “Tyler Two Belts” at the beginning. Barrett noted their similar ages of 25 and 24 and that both lost their world titles and regained them.

Bate was using submissions at the start until Breakker connected with a Frankensteiner and a standing moonsault after a delayed vertical suplex. Bate sent Breakker to the floor with a dropkick and landed a tope.

Breakker came off the turnbuckle and was met with an exploder and standing shooting star press by Bate for a two-count. Bate countered a Frankensteiner with a sit-out powerbomb for another two-count.

Breakker hit a Steinerizer off the top.

Bate spun Breakker around on his shoulders and dropped for a two-count, Bate bounced off the top rope for a lariat.

Bate bridged out from underneath to hit the Tyler Driver ’97 for a huge near-fall. Breakker came back with the military press into a powerslam and Bate got his foot on the rope. Bate landed on the shoulders and stumbled into a Victory Roll for a two-count, Bate bounced off the top rope again and this time was met with a spear as Breakker pinned him.

WINNER: Bron Breakker in 17 minutes and 11 seconds to unify the NXT & NXT UK Championships

Bate presented Breakker with the NXT UK title and they hugged and shook hands.

For me, this was the match of the show and both worked a world title style of match and built up the last several minutes of big near-falls and some great sequences. Breakker is an outstanding talent for the limited time he has had, and this was another solid title match he was involved in over the past year. For Bate, this was a great showcase on a larger stage for him and should be a big part of the brand moving forward in the absence of NXT UK.

Overall, I’d classify this as a very good show, but the must-see matches were Breakker vs. Bate and Hayes vs. Ricochet. The rest of the card didn’t stand out in a big way for me beyond some fine wrestling matches that are the expectation on all these various promotion’s signature shows and you’re recommending the matches that exceed just being “very good”.

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