REWIND-A-WAI #115: WWF Royal Rumble Raw at SkyDome (Feb. 3, 1997)

John Pollock & Wai Ting look back at WWF Royal Rumble Raw from the SkyDome in Toronto on February 3rd, 1997.

This event was chosen by Espresso Executive Producer Cesar Silveira.

WWF Royal Rumble Raw
Monday, February 3, 1997
Toronto, Ontario at SkyDome

  • No Holds Barred: Faarooq & Mankind vs. The Undertaker & Ahmed Johnson
  • Intercontinental Championship: Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) vs. Marc Mero
  • Crush vs. Savio Vega
  • WWF Tag Team Championships: Owen Hart & British Bulldog (c) vs. Phil Lafon & Doug Furnas
  • Savio Vega vs. Flash Funk
  • Vader vs. Steve Austin

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