Tommy Dreamer recounts Scott D’Amore saying he wants to get Taylor Wilde “back on the field” in IMPACT

Taylor Wilde is still under contract to IMPACT Wrestling and the likes of Scott D'Amore and Tommy Dreamer are eager for her to return

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D’Amore and Dreamer are eager for Taylor Wilde’s return.

It has been a full year since Taylor Wilde wrestled for IMPACT Wrestling. She has been away from the company as she’s been tending to personal matters. She is still under contract to IMPACT and was the most recent guest to join Tommy Dreamer on the House of Hardcore Podcast.

Taylor mentioned that she ran into Scott D’Amore at an independent show in Canada and after they conversed, D’Amore had a chat with Dreamer and Dreamer shared a bit of their conversation. D’Amore said that they have to get Wilde “back on the field” in IMPACT Wrestling. Dreamer is hoping that happens soon.

Dreamer: It’s funny you mentioned that show you just saw Scott [D’Amore] at because from that show, I talked to him and he was like, ‘Yes, seen Shantelle,’ all of that. ‘We have to get her back on the field’ and I was like, ‘Yes we do.’ But it’s always like, ‘Okay, well we can’t just rush people in’ because, you know this, all right, we have all these people coming in, all that stuff but it’s like, God, she’s so freaking good. Still, but we’re not talking about it like you’re a 55-year-old, grizzled Tommy Dreamer, even though I’m 51 but what I’m saying is-is man, we can’t wait to get you back on the field so I hope that happens super duper soon for you because you’re the best version of yourself and every other day, it should be the best version of yourself.

Wilde: Aw, thank you and really, I’m so excited. It’s been a year and you know, it was hard because I had this big comeback after ten years of being inactive and then COVID and divorce and life and thank God for my IMPACT Wrestling family, truthfully. If I didn’t have the history with the business and I didn’t have the relationships I have with you and Scott, there probably would have never been a part two. But again, everything happens for a reason and this disconnect between times is surely really confusing for the fans but it’s nowhere near confusing for the fans as it has been for f*cking over here.

The beginning of Taylor and Tommy’s friendship was dove into. Wilde credited Dreamer for giving her-her first break in pro wrestling. Wilde was in WWE’s then-developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling.

She shared that she was not John Laurinaitis’ cup of tea and when Dreamer joined the Talent Relations department, she felt she had someone in that position who understood what she had to offer.

Wilde: You [Tommy Dreamer] were definitely my first break, yeah. You gave me my career, 100 percent. You were the catalyst because before there was the changing of the guards and John Laurinaitis had your position, I was not John Laurinaitis’ cup of tea. I will never be, because I wasn’t a diva at that time. I wasn’t a model and as I am to this day, I’m not a — okay, this is gonna sound shady but this is the God honest truth, especially during that era when they were bringing a lot of models in. I didn’t come from that world, I came from an athletic background, I’m a tomboy. I’m not good at flirting, I’m not good at kissing ass and yeah, so when you took that position, it was finally like, oh my God, someone who’s my kind of people is in that role and yeah, you gave me my career really. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never — I don’t think ever left the indies.

The former TNA Women’s Knockout Champion went on to say that she believes it was Christian Cage who gave Dreamer the heads up about her.

Wilde: You know what I believe it was [that led toDreamer  first seeing Wilde’s highlight tape]? So Edge and Christian [Cage] we’re always kind of cycling through Squared Circle because they came up in the business with my trainer Rob Fuego and I think it was Jay and he was like, ‘You know –’ he had a conversation with Rob that, you know, I was probably — at that time, he would give his stamp of approval and I think he was the one that probably gave you the nudge because so many people apply with their VHS tapes and their eight-by-tens and they end up in the garbage but, I believe it was Jay who kind of helped me out there.

IMPACT Wrestling is inching towards their Bound For Glory event on October 7th in Albany, New York. As of this writing, here’s the updated lineup for the show:

  • IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eddie Edwards
  • IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) or TBD (title defense at Victory Road) vs. Masha Slamovich

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