Vickie Guerrero looking to add to AEW group with Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir, chats Dominik Mysterio’s WWE run

Vickie Guerrero speaks about the group in AEW she's a part of with Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir. She's looking to add more members to it

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

More names on are being ‘worked on’ for the group.

For several years, Vickie Guerrero has been working with All Elite Wrestling and present day, she is the on-screen manager for the duo of Marina Shafir and former AEW Women’s World Champion Nyla Rose.

While doing a virtual signing for Captain’s Corner, Guerrero shared that they are ‘working on’ adding more members to their group and she’s excited about it.

Nyla [Rose], she’s ‘The Native Beast’ but, she is really funny on Twitter and backstage. She keeps me on my toes and with Marina Shafir, ‘The Problem’, she has really added a lot to our faction. I love working with them. Women empowerment, you can’t go wrong with that and just keep staying tuned because our storyline is going to get bigger and bigger and so we’re pretty excited for some things to come. So you have to stay tuned and find out what’s gonna happen with our storyline and who we’re gonna add to my faction. So there’s some really cool names that we’re working on so I’m excited.

She then touched on what Dominik Mysterio is currently involved in on WWE TV. Guerrero was asked if she’d ever consider managing Dominik and said she’s with AEW, but thinks Dominik and Rhea Ripley are doing a good job. She joked that she had Dominik first.

I’m really jealous of what Dominik’s doing right now on Raw. I know Rhea Ripley is doing a good job but, I had Dom first, I’m just saying… Who knows what would happen if I was to manage him, but right now, I’m in AEW. But I’m really happy for what they’re doing. It’s a fun storyline and I’m getting a kick out of it so they’re doing a great job.

Rose and Shafir have competed on the last three episodes of Dark: Elevation and secured three wins. The last time they teamed together on TV was back in early July.

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