2 Cold Scorpio recounts being in a bar with Vince McMahon, McMahon saying he was going to have sex with Sable

2 Cold Scorpio tells his recollection of being on an overseas tour and Vince McMahon making sexual remarks about Sable

2 Cold Scorpio gives his recollection of a get together at a bar on an overseas tour.

It has now been nearly two months since Vince McMahon resigned from his role as Chairman and CEO of WWE amidst the hush-money and sexual misconduct allegations against him. In the weeks following, it came out that there was $19.6 million in company expenses that McMahon did not record.

During a virtual signing with Golden Ring Collectibles, 2 Cold Scorpio was asked to share a Vince McMahon story. He started off by saying he does not know who’s going to get in trouble but he does not care.

As 2 Cold recalls, this situation took place at a bar while WWF/E was overseas. He said wrestlers such as The Undertaker, Hawk and Ron Simmons among others were present. Vince McMahon was there and as they were sitting down, Sable walked into the bar. Scorpio said they all looked at her, but McMahon said out loud that he was going to have sex with her but didn’t know when or where. 2 Cold said this was when she was still with Marc Mero. McMahon and Sable had an on-screen relationship in the early 2000s.

I don’t know who’s gonna get in trouble. The next question is ask if I give a damn. I don’t [Scorpio smiled]. So anyway, we were over in England hanging out, just chilling and you know, Vince [McMahon] was one of the boys, sort of kind of wanted to be one of the boys so hanging out in England; Undertaker, myself, Hawk, Ron Simmons, a few others guys just, you know, normally after our day in England, we’re hanging out and up in the bar. Vince just happened to be sitting over there at the table with us and stuff and sipping on some scotch on the rocks and I was like damn, that’s what he likes so yeah, he was all about the scotch on the rocks so we’re all just sitting there drinking, having a good time and of course before I went to the bar, I had to have a few hits off the hash can. I’m high as hell while I’m down here while Vince and them came around chilling. We’re all just sitting around and Vince is sitting on a stool over there, Undertaker is sitting over there next to him and he’s just sipping away and we’re just talking and out of nowhere, Sable walks by and she’s got on this beautiful red dress, sh*t looked damn near see-through and this time, she’s still married to Marc Mero at the time and sh*t and I’ll never forget this, she walks by and Vince goes, ‘Damn.’ Watches her as all of us did and he says out loud — I don’t know if he meant to say it to himself, but he said, ‘Damn! I’ma f*ck that b*tch. I don’t know when, I don’t know where.’ My eyes must’ve got about that damn big like I must’ve been smoking crack all night. Like did he just say — I’m looking at Ron, Ron looked at me and everybody just like, it ain’t sh*t, like yeah, that’s Vince, that’s what he do. Down the line, it really happened and sh*t and I could tell you more but that’s all I know on first hand situation, okay? I ain’t gonna tell you nothing about he say, she say but I’ll tell you about what I seen and what I heard with my own damn ears and eyes, okay? That’s all I know [Scorpio laughed].

It is what it is. Pull no punches. You said you ain’t hire me, you owe money so f*ck it. I’m just gonna tell it like it is. You don’t like it? You can always find me. I ain’t hard to find, you know what I’m saying?

With McMahon’s resignation, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan became co-CEOs and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque is overseeing the creative front of the company.

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