Chris Jericho explains why Eddie Kingston reminds him of Randy Orton

Chris Jericho looks back on one of his favorite matches that involves Eddie Kingston and compares Kingston to Randy Orton

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Chris Jericho chats Eddie Kingston.

The on-screen rivalry between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston had its most recent stop at Fyter Fest when the two met in a Barbed Wire Everywhere match.

Jericho mentioned Kingston several times during his appearance on AEW Unrestricted. He went on to explain why Kingston reminds him of Randy Orton. He said neither of them realize how good they are and both downplay themselves.

Eddie Kingston reminds me of Randy Orton and I’ll tell you the reason why. Polar opposites in image and gimmicks but neither one of them quite realize just how good they are. They kind of think it’s funny to kind of downplay themselves but they’re both so good and Eddie doesn’t quite get it yet and when he does, he’s gonna be a world champion. Not that he doesn’t now, but he still has an inner demon. I think those are going away because he realizes just how good he is. But I saw it from the start. So yeah, I’m a big fan of Eddie Kingston.

The Barbed Wire Everywhere match was their second one-on-one bout of the year. Their first was at the Revolution pay-per-view. Jericho said that is one of his favorite matches and he wanted to start it off by taking a fall directly on his head.

With Eddie Kingston, that was one of my favorite matches I’ve ever had and we started it off [at Revolution]. I was like, ‘We’re on first. I want you to just dump me on my head’ and it was a terrible bump. It was terrible. I’ve only taken one bump like that in my life; taken from our broadcast colleague Taz back when I was 25 years old and I’ll never do it again and was it scary? Yeah, it was scary but it was also like, I wanna start this show off with something people go, holy sh*t. What the f*ck just happened? And once we did that, it changed the dynamic of everything. I’m an artist, that’s what we do. I will never take another bump like that again, you know, but I never thought I’d take a fluorescent light bulb over the head from Nick Gage last year but once again, why did I do it? Because the story warranted it.

Jericho headlined the 9/28 Dynamite. He is the reigning ROH World Champion and retained over Bandido.

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