L&WRR #28: British Bulldogs vs. Malenko Bros. (1/28/89) w/ Gareth Hodgson

L&WRR #28: British Bulldogs vs. Malenko Bros. (1/28/89) w/ Gareth Hodgson


WH Park welcomes the creator of the Grappl App, Gareth Hodgson to the Long & Winding Royal Road.

Continuing our look at 1989, Gareth picks a tag match from January 28th: The British Bulldogs vs Joe & Dean Malenko. This is the semi-main event of an AJPW card taking place at Korakuen Hall; its legendary setting and audience adding so much to its quality.

WH and Gareth provide an analysis of the match, detail the history of the Bulldogs and Malenkos in All Japan and how it all contributes to the atmosphere.

Watch the match on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9DD79V1A-c

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