Daniel Cormier appears via video on 10/3 WWE Raw, addresses Seth Rollins & Matt Riddle

UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier addresses Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle on WWE Raw ahead of the Fight Pit match

The UFC Hall of Famer addresses Rollins and Riddle.

This Saturday at WWE’s Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle are going to compete in the company’s third installment of the ‘Fight Pit’.

Over the weekend, it was announced that UFC Hall of Famer and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier will be the official for the match. While Rollins and Riddle were addressing one another in-ring on Raw in their no-contact segment, Cormier appeared via video and talked about the admiration and respect he has for both talents but he’s calling it down the middle on Saturday.

During their verbal exchange, Rollins mentioned to Riddle that child support must cost a lot of money. Riddle responded by bringing up how long it’s been since Rollins has been champion, adding that Rollins is always playing second fiddle to Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch.

D.C.’s segment will be discussed on tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-Raw.

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