Dalton Castle discusses his status with AEW, how he’s feeling years removed from back injury

Dalton Castle provides an update on his status with AEW. Castle is one-third of the ROH Six-Man Tag Champions

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Dalton Castle has been enjoying his time with AEW thus far.

As of this writing, the reigning ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions are Dalton Castle and The Boys (Brandon & Brent Tate). The trio was in action at the AEW Dark: Elevation taping prior to the 10/5 Dynamite.

Castle has appeared for AEW multiple times over the last four weeks and while on Bobby Fish’s Undisputed Podcast, Castle provided an update on his status with the company. He said he does not know when he’s coming in because he does not ‘technically’ work there but he’s been enjoying his time with them so far.

 I can [discuss my work situation]. At the moment, I’ve been doing some — the last three weeks, I’ve been on with AEW which was really, really cool. They’ve brought me in. Each week, I don’t know if I’m coming back because I don’t technically work there but I am the Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Champion… The Boys and I.

But I have been there quite frequently and it’s been fun. It’s been nice.

In 2016, Castle suffered a broken back outside of the pro wrestling space. He went on to have a world title run with the injury.

Castle dove into how that injury occurred and said it took place while freestyle wrestling. He described it as the “worst pain ever”. Present day, Castle feels much better and joked about being able to do basic tasks without feeling pain.

I believe I broke it [his back] training in freestyle. When I was living in Albany, our friend Joe, who runs Curby Freestyle Wrestling in Troy, New York — if you are a wrestler of the amateur style, freestyle, Greco, collegiate, Curby Freestyle is the greatest place for wrestlers I’ve ever seen in upstate New York.

So I was down there training one day with this guy and we just had a couple hard goes and one of the last goes, we had a stalemate where something popped in my back and his neck cracked and it was just fortunately that he got hurt at the same time where he just goes, ‘I think we should stop’ and I went — because I would never be the one to say let’s stop and he says, ‘Let’s stop’ and I go, ‘Oh, that’s a good idea’ and later that night, I woke up in the worst pain of my life in my bed and trying to sit up hurt, trying to stand up hurt, trying to sit up in a seat position. It was the worst pain ever and I remember watching the entire Summer Olympics in 2016, lying on my living room floor just thinking I had a sore muscle. I’m sure it’s just a pulled muscle.

Yeah, I feel great [these days]. I got limitations but I know what they are and I am 100 percent better than I was three years ago. I tie my own shoes and it doesn’t hurt. It’s great. You guys should see me put on my pants. One leg at a time, doesn’t hurt at all.

It was at Death Before Dishonor in July that Castle and The Boys bested The Righteous (Vincent, Dutch & Bateman) for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championships.

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