GCW War Ready: Alex Colon & John Wayne Murdoch vs. Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda

Jon Pine's review of GCW's latest card from Japan with 'War Ready' feat. Alex Colon & John Wayne Murdoch against Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda.

Photo Courtesy: Game Changer Wrestling

GCW War Ready
Tuesday, October 4, 2022, Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, Tokyo, Japan
Air Date: Friday, October 7, 2022

Tag Team Match: Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver vs. Drew Parker and Jimmy Lloyd 

Drew Parker and Jordan Oliver started the match with an exchange of holds followed by a brief staredown as neither man was able to get the advantage; Wayne and Lloyd were tagged in, Wayne sent Lloyd to the floor and attempted a dive but Drew Parker cut him off. Oliver made the save for his partner as they connected with a tag team-based offense on Jimmy Lloyd. Lloyd recovered and got the heat on Nick Wayne, Drew Parker tagged himself in and picked up where Jimmy left off; Wayne eventually made the hot tag to Jordan Oliver who ran wild on both Jimmy Lloyd and Drew Parker. The pace of the tags slowed down which allowed for Nick Wayne and Drew Parker to have a decent amount of time together in the fantastic ring. All four men took each other out with a series of half-and-half suplexes and cutters, they all faced off in the center of the ring and traded forearm strikes, Wayne climbed the ropes but was cut off by Drew Parker who connected with a Spanish fly for a two count. Oliver and Wayne recovered and hit a flurry of offense on Jimmy Lloyd followed by a tandem clout cutter for the victory. 

Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver Defeated Jimmy Lloyd and Drew Parker

Singles Match: EFFY vs. Kikutaro 

The two men circled each other for a little bit and then got the referee involved as well, the crowd started laughing and clapping as Kiku and EFFY finally locked up. The two traded waist and headlocks with neither man able to get the advantage, Kiku tried to take EFFY off of his feet with a shoulder tackle but was unsuccessful. EFFY dropped to his knees as Kiku begged off, EFFY pulled a couple of dollars out of his trunks which enticed Kiku who then approached EFFY. Kiku tricked EFFY and hit him with a hip attack, EFFY begged off and climbed the ropes. Kiku and EFFY fought with toy-size chairs, they each took a bump when they tried to sit on them which the crowd enjoyed. EFFY pinned Kikutaro.

EFFY Defeated Kikutaro 

Deathmatch: Takashi Sasaki and Yuko Miyamoto vs. Toru Sugiura and SHLAK

SHLAK and Toru attacked their opponents before the bell and firmly controlled the opening minutes of the match. SHLAK went to work on Sasaki’s ankle as Toru knocked Yuko off the apron which further isolated Takashi; Toru paid two ring attendants to come into the ring and join in on the beatdown which got the crowd clapping even more. Takashi finally was able to make the tag to his partner who started to run wild on both Toru and SHLAK; SHLAK cut off Yuko’s momentum after he Sabu’d a chair into his face. Toru tagged in and started to work over Yuko with a series of chair shots and powerslams onto the pile; Yuko was able to make the desperation tag to Takashi who did the same bit of paying the ring attendants to help beat up their opponents, they beat up Toru and then physically held SHLAK back but SHLAK burst out of them and broke up the pin. SHLAK held Takashi’s arms behind his back as Toru swung a chair, Takashi broke free and Toru hit SHLAK over the head with the chair. SHLAK got pissed and choke-bombed Toru and left the ring, Takashi rolled up Toru for the victory. 

Takashi Sasaki and Yuko Miyamoto Defeated Toru Sugiura and SHLAK 

Deathmatch: Sakuda vs. Joey Janela 

They ran a couple of spots to begin the match which saw neither man get the advantage, Joey grabbed a tube and swung it at Sakuda a couple of times, Sakuda grabbed it out of Joey’s hands and broke it over his head. Joey bailed to the floor but was quickly caught by Sakuda who flipped over the top rope. The two battled on the apron for a little bit with Joey catching Sakuda with a brainbuster, Joey was bleeding a decent amount from his head by this point as Sakuda grabbed a tube and broke it over Joey’s back. Sakuda grabbed a weed whacker and hit Janela in the back with it and then squeezed lemons over the impact zone. Sakuda grabbed one of his metal skewers and pierced it through Joey’s face, to add insult to injury Sakuda placed two lemons on the metal spike and rolled Joey up for a near fall. This only fired Joey up who pulled the spike out of his cheeks, broke a tube over his head, and started to beatdown on Sakuda with a series of light tube shots and strikes. Joey set up a barbed wire board and placed Sakuda on the top rope. Joey attempted to superplex Sakuda onto the board but it was reversed by Sakuda who sent Joey through the board. Joey was scoop-slammed onto a pile of chairs in the center of the ring, Sakuda climbed to the top of a ladder and hit a tube-assisted Senton but Joey got out of the way. Janela spiked Sakuda with a package piledriver and a couple of tubes, the two men traded near falls for a little bit and then took each other out with double tube shots. Joey broke a box full of tubes over Sakuda’s head, placed a bundle onto his chest and climbed to the top rope, and hit a double stomp for the victory. 

Joey Janela Defeated Sakuda

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Deathmatch: Cole Radrick vs. Rina Yamashita (Champion)

Rina grabbed a tube and swung it at Cole a couple of times, Cole kicked it out of her hand and grabbed one of his own which he broke over her head. This only fired Rina up as she responded with a couple of fists to Cole Radrick’s face and planted him on a gusset plate chair. Rina hammer-fisted a gusset into Cole’s arm followed by her head, they headbutted each other but Rina was able to connect with a quick DDT. Rina brought Cole around to all sides of the ring and carved away at his forehead with a broken shard of glass, Rina then set up a barbed wire and light tube board across the bottom rope and attempted to suplex Radrick onto it, Cole was able to reverse it and scoop slammed Rina onto it for a near fall. Cole followed that offense up with a tube-assisted slingshot senton for another near fall. Rina wrapped a strand of barbed wire around her forearm and started to hit Cole with it, Cole took Rina off of her feet and connected with a running lariat to the back of her head. The two continued to trade strikes and kicks until they finally resorted back to the ultraviolence, Rina came off the top rope and splashed Cole who had a bundle of tubes across his chest but he kicked out at one which stunned the Ultraviolent champion. Rina grabbed a pile of chairs and gave Cole the splash mountain for the victory. 

Rina Yamashita Retain the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Tag Team Deathmatch: Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda vs. John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon 

Both teams started brawling right away with Takeda and Colon fighting inside the ring, Takeda broke a tube over his head right away and tried to break one on Alex but Colon ran through it and took out Takeda on the floor with a tope. Kasai and Murdoch were left in the ring, Murdoch sent Jun off the ropes which were covered in light tubes for a near fall, Takeda entered the ring and made the save for his partner. Takeda broke a couple of tubes over his head and Murdoch did the same, Murdoch was able to catch Takeda and made the tag to his partner who hit a tube-assisted hesitation dropkick in the corner. Murdoch and Colon have put together some impressive tag team maneuvers. Murdoch backed Takeda up in the corner and laid into him with some chops, Murdoch placed Takeda up on the top rope and attempted to break a tube over Takeda’s head but Takeda was able to reverse it and broke it across Murdoch’s mouth. Kasai grabbed a handful of skewers and placed them into both Colon and Murdoch’s heads. Takeda had Murdoch isolated in the corner as Kasai grabbed a box of gusset plates and spilled them in the ring. Takeda and Kasai hammered one into each other’s foreheads and then slammed Murdoch onto the pile, Murdoch responded by headbutting a bundle of tubes into Kasai’s head which allowed Colon and Murdoch to hit a commendation stunner into a half-and-half suplex for a two count. Takeda whipped Murdoch into the corner and ran full speed at him with a bundle of tubes, Takeda followed that up with a chairshot to Murdoch’s head and a bundle to the chest. Jun and Takeda placed Murdoch in the center of the ring, Takeda hit a tube-assisted Senton, followed by a splash from Jun for a two count that was broken up by Alex Colon. Colon was sent to the floor, Jun and Takeda kissed each other which gave Murdoch time to recover and hit Takeda with a destroyer onto a bundle of tubes. Alex Colon hit Takeda with Marcus Crane’s finishing move, followed by the camel clutch for the victory. 

Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda 

Post Match: Both locker rooms came out and paid their respect to Marcus Crane and those that have passed on.

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