The Miz working through bursa sac issue, scheduled to compete in dark match at WWE SmackDown

The Miz details the bursa sac issue he is navigating and shares that he'll be at the 10/21 Friday Night SmackDown in Toledo, Ohio

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The Miz shared the news while on the topic of working through pain.

On WWE TV, The Miz is currently engaged in a program with Dexter Lumis. This past Monday on Raw, Miz was scheduled to take on Lumis in singles competition and if Lumis won, he would have secured a WWE contract but if he lost, he would be gone from WWE. Miz ambushed Lumis from behind and the match never took place.

Miz joined Matt Harmon and Los Angeles Chargers Running Back Austin Ekeler on the Ekeler’s Edge podcast. While discussing what wrestlers work through, Miz shared that he has a bursa sac that burst. He shared that it keeps blowing up and fluid continuously comes in and goes away. Miz added that he ‘messed up’ his shoulder for a ‘little bit’ as well.

I just got back from Monday Night Raw. I didn’t have to have a match but any time you have matches and we have matches over the weekend as well. Any time you have a match, your entire body is sore. You [Austin Ekeler] were saying your neck. My neck, my body, there’s always some sort of — when I’m done, I don’t feel it and then the next day I’m like, where is this coming from? I have a bursa sac that I bursted that just keeps blowing up. I don’t know if you’ve ever blew that. It takes so long and then it’ll go away and then I don’t know if you can see it. Literally, it just keeps coming back. Fluid comes in, it goes away, comes in, goes away. I messed up my shoulder for a little bit but, you know, and then you’re trying to work out and try to work through it and try to make sure you maintain your body and your physicality so…

Miz will be in action this Friday night when WWE is in Toledo, Ohio for SmackDown. The two-time WWE Champion said he’ll be in the post-show dark match in his home state.

Just this week, I have to go to SmackDown. I’m not a SmackDown superstar, I’m a Raw superstar. We have two brands, one’s on Monday, one’s on Friday. I’m going on Friday just to do the main event dark to give them something a little more for that live crowd. You’re not gonna see me on TV but the live crowd will see me in Toledo…

Scheduled for this week’s SmackDown is Liv Morgan versus Sonya Deville along with Damage CTRL (IYO SKY & Dakota Kai) defending their Women’s Tag Team Championships against Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi.

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