Bret Hart feels his match against British Bulldog was probably the only match worth watching at WWE SummerSlam 1992

Bret Hart looks back at headlining Wembley Stadium with The British Bulldog in 1992

Photo Courtesy: by James Doyle

Bret Hart looks back at his SummerSlam ’92 bout.

Over the years, Bret Hart has been asked about and has spoken about headlining the 1992 WWF/E SummerSlam event with British Bulldog for the Intercontinental Championship.

Hart further commented on it as he was doing a virtual signing with Highspots Wrestling Network. The subject came up when Hart was signing an original ticket for that event. Hart went on to say that he and Bulldog’s match is probably the only bout on the card worth watching.

That’s a big ticket. That’s a big ticket item. Signed the SummerSlam ‘92, signed the actual ticket. To me, that’s a big one… That’s a big one to be at. 92,000. I wish I could have been a fan and been there for that day even though I think my match was probably the only one worth watching.

In late August, POST Wrestling’s John Pollock was joined by author Steven Bell to discuss the 30th anniversary of the Hart versus Bulldog bout.

If the quote in this article is used, please credit Highspots Wrestling Network with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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