Quavo & Takeoff considered wrestling, was surprised The Rock is a fan of their music

Quavo and Takeoff, formerly of 'Migos' talk pro wrestling and being a fan of the sport when they were children

Quavo and Takeoff talk pro wrestling.

Grammy-nominated artists Quavo and Takeoff, formerly of ‘Migos’ were the latest guests on the ‘Drink Champs’ show.

As the conversation moved along, they began to talk about pro wrestling. Quavo and Takeoff spoke about being fans of it when they were kids and remembered doing moves on one another. Takeoff stated that they once considered performing in the ring. Both then went on to heap praise onto Bad Bunny for his performance at WrestleMania 37.

Takeoff: We would fight as — he [Quavo] might be The Rock, I might be Stone Cold or he might be The Rock, I might be Undertaker and that’s one of my favorite wrestlers, you know what I’m saying?

Quavo: We used to be Dudley Brothers, Hardy Boys.

Takeoff: We ain’t never know how it go. No disrespect, none of that. WWE, you know how they run their program but when we be doing the moves, it’s just funny because he might wanna crank the Rock Bottom on me and I be like, ‘Nah, it ain’t time for your finisher right now, you know what I mean? I gotta do mine.’ When he pin me, I kick out. He’s like, ‘Bro, I just hit the Rock Bottom on you, you down.’ I be like, ‘Nah, I’m still kicking out at two,’ you hear me? Right before three. So it just used to be funny like that. We used to do that for sure.

Quavo: We used to play around man… I seen Bad Bunny do that sh*t. That sh*t looked crazy… We ain’t gonna do no wrestling man.

Takeoff: I thought about it until…

Quavo: I can’t act like you hit me, act you slam me.

Takeoff: We thought about it at first ‘till we seen Bad Bunny. I’m like, nah, Bad Bunny going crazy.

Quavo: He did WrestleMania.

Takeoff: Jumping off the rope and everything. I don’t know if I’ma jump off the rope… He did all right though. Shout out to Bad Bunny

Quavo: Bad Bunny fire.

This conversation about wrestling started when they were asked who they were surprised to find out is a fan of their music. After Quavo listed former President Barack Obama, Takeoff named Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as someone he was surprised by.

Takeoff: I say The Rock [is somebody who surprised me as a fan of our music]. We all [grew] up watching wrestling. The Rock, you know what I’m saying? Dwayne Johnson. Real Hip-Hop head but I ain’t knowing that growing up. I just like him as one of my favorite wrestlers and he had it on his playlist too. He a fan too so it was big.

Quavo: Shoutout to The Rock.

This past January, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset appeared at WWE Day 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. They were ringside for The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) versus RK-Bro (Randy Orton & Matt Riddle) tag title match.

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