Wardlow cites Jericho, Moxley & Danielson as leaders in AEW, says they’ve gotten the locker room on the same page

Wardlow speaks about the locker room in AEW being brought together and comments on Hangman Adam Page's injury

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Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho cited as locker room leaders.

The reigning AEW TNT Champion Wardlow was asked about the backstage situations in the company over the last couple of months while on ‘ESPR Wrestling’.

He feels that throughout everything, the locker room is tighter now in the same way it was when AEW first launched. Wardlow cited names such as AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, ROH World Champion Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson as people who have brought the locker room closer together and got things back on track.

Everybody backstage has done such a great job at communicating and we’ve been, honestly through all the, you know, you said ‘chaos’… fortunately, on the inside, it has made us so much tighter and I feel like since all that stuff happened, these past couple months have really changed the locker room and we have some really, really positive leadership. Guys like [Chris] Jericho and [Jon] Moxley and Bryan Danielson, they are true leaders and very passionate and they’ve done such a good job of getting the locker room together and on the same page and getting our company on the right track.

Yeah, absolutely [it feels like a cohesive unit again]… We talked about this recently. I really feel like our locker room is as tight as it was when we first started a few years ago because when we first started man, we were all on the same mission, we were a family and then we survived COVID together where we spent more time with each other than our families.

At the conclusion of the 10/18 Dynamite, Hangman Adam Page was taken away on a stretcher after taking a clothesline from Jon Moxley in a world title match. Page was diagnosed with a concussion and he provided an update on social media the following day to let the public know he was okay. Wardlow has not spoken to Page yet, but called him a tough person and thinks he’ll be back sooner than later.

I haven’t spoken to him personally. I actually gave him [Hangman Adam Page] a call but I heard that he’s doing well, thank God. So, he’s a tough dude so I think he’ll be back sooner than later.

As of late, Wardlow has been paired with ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe and collectively, they are known as ‘WarJoe’.

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