Serena Deeb: “I’ve been coaching a little less because I’ve been wrestling more”

Serena Deeb explains that when she competes on Dark or Dark: Elevation, she does not get a producer role to manage workload

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Serena Deeb explains why she has been coaching a little less in AEW.

17-year veteran Serena Deeb is an active wrestler for All Elite Wrestling and she is also a coach/producer. On 10/26, AEW ran a show in Deeb’s home-state of Virginia.

To promote the show, she spoke to ‘The Flagship’. Deeb was asked about her coaching position and said she has been doing less of that and has been wrestling more. She went on to share that when Cody Rhodes was in AEW, he appointed Deeb as his coach.

Serena added that when she’s wrestling on Dark or Dark: Elevation, she’s not assigned to be a producer because those who set the program up understand it can be tasking to prepare for a match while helping others out. Deeb mentioned that she wrestled and produced for an episode of Rampage in September.

I’ve been coaching a little less because I’ve been wrestling more. It’s honestly hard to do both on the same day because if you’re wrestling, you have to focus on the whole process of getting ready and on what you’re doing in the match. In the past when I had my knee injury, I was still traveling every week and I was coaching 2-3 matches a night. I want to give a shout out to Cody Rhodes because Cody always believed in me and would say to me, ‘You’re my coach, I want you as my coach.’ He always put me in that role for him and showed me that respect. That was really, really huge for me and I really appreciated that. When I’m not wrestling, I do want to be coaching but I’ve been doing more wrestling. When they have me on AEW Elevation or AEW Dark, they don’t give me producing roles because everyone on there has been a wrestler and they understand that if you have a match, it’s too much to also be coaching or producing. I did that on AEW Rampage about a month ago where I coached and wrestled the same night.

Deeb’s most recent television appearance was on the anniversary episode of Dynamite. To get a recap of the 10/26 edition of AEW’s weekly Wednesday night program, click here.

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