Georges St-Pierre no longer under contract with UFC, open to boxing or grappling contest

Georges St-Pierre has confirmed that he is no longer under contract with the UFC.

Years after the all-time great last competed for the promotion, St-Pierre is now free if he wants to explore other avenues in combat sports.

The UFC Hall of Famer spoke with MMA Fighting over the weekend where he was part of the Showtime broadcast for the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva fight in Glendale, Arizona:

I’m already out of my UFC contract. I’m out. I couldn’t be here today [working with Showtime] if I was under UFC contract,” St-Pierre told MMA Fighting ahead of the Paul vs. Silva fight. “It might piss off the UFC that I’m here, but I did it because, like I said, I have the freedom now to do whatever I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want.

St-Pierre last fought for the UFC in November 2017 where he won the middleweight championship from Michael Bisping at UFC 217 in New York City. In 2019, he retired from the sport but retirement doesn’t end one’s contract with the promotion.

St-Pierre stated he is open to doing a boxing fighting or grappling match under the right circumstances but is closing the door on ever competing in MMA again:

I might compete because I’m in an entertainment business, in boxing or in grappling, something that is safer than MMA,” St-Pierre said. “Not MMA. Something that is safer, that has less risks, because I have a lot more to lose and it’s not my priority anymore. And yeah, why not? You know what I mean? If it’s well done and everything. But something like a boxing match with small [gloves], nah, I’m done with it.

St-Pierre first won the UFC welterweight title in November 2006 by defeating Matt Hughes at UFC 65 but was upset by Matt Serra the following April at UFC 69. In April 2008, he regained the title from Serra and never lost the title, vacating the belt in 2013 after a close decision win against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167.

He made his return to the sport in 2017 where he moved up to middleweight and defeated Michael Bisping to become a champion in his second weight class.

St-Pierre was inducted into the Modern Wing of the UFC Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2020.

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