POST NEWS UPDATE: Colby Corino helping actor prepare for Von Erich film, ‘thinks’ actor is portraying Ric Flair

Von Erich film, Billy Gunn chats WM 30, Ron Simmons jokes about Young Rock casting, Kevin Owens/Jay Lethal, Mike Bailey praises Veda Scott

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** Before challenging for the MLW National Openweight Title at NWA Hard Times 3, Colby Corino chatted with Darren Paltrowitz. He shared that he’s helping an actor prepare for the Von Erich film. Colby thinks said actor is playing the role of Ric Flair.

I’m actually helping one of the actors in the Von Erich movie. I think he’s playing [Ric] Flair. I’m helping him do some research of North Carolina so he can kind of get the vibe of what live wrestling feels like. So, that’s pretty cool as well.

Colby was asked about the ‘young boy’ storyline he was a part of in Ring of Honor. He was associated with ‘The Decade’ which B.J. Whitmer, Roderick Strong and Jimmy Jacobs were at the helm of. Corino said at the time, it did feel like a rib and brought up that Hangman Adam Page was in a similar position when he was feuding with The Decade and eventually joined the group.

The ‘young boy’ thing, I feel like it was kind of a rib on me, as it was a rib on Adam Page before me [in Ring of Honor]. Both of us were required to carry that bucket around, through the airports, every time we traveled and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the dimensions of that famous water bucket we carried up close but that does not fit in any luggage. You have to just walk around with a bucket when you’re walking through an airport. It definitely felt like a rib at the time but looking back, it is hilarious.

** At WrestleMania 30, Billy Gunn, Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James and Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs took on The Shield (Roman Reigns, Jon Moxley & Seth Rollins). As Gunn was doing a virtual signing for Captain’s Corner, he shared that the match was supposed to be longer than the two minutes it went and thinks the amount of time they had made the experience ‘kind of horrible’.

Well, it was supposed to be longer but it was unfortunately too short so, I think we only had eight minutes and that kind of was horrible [time for the match against The Shield at WrestleMania 30].

There was a point in Gunn’s time with WWF/E when he was given the ‘Rockabilly’ character. Gunn thinks the powers that be were trying to get him to quit by assigning him that character.

This is not even close to — I don’t even know what this was [Rockabilly character]. I think they were testing me to see if I’d quit or not. I think they were trying to make me quit but yeah, that’s Rockabilly. If anybody wants [a photo of] this, you might want to check yourself into a mental ward [Gunn laughed].

This was never talked about. No. This was supposed to be something totally, totally, totally, totally different. Not that… That’s a bedazzler jacket [that I was wearing that] they put together in like an hour. It’s so bad. Legitimately think they were trying to get rid of me. Think that’s what I thought. I said, you don’t have to do this to me as much as just to say I’m fired. I’ll be okay with that [Gunn laughed].

** Episode #93 of The Kurt Angle Show featured Jay Lethal. He looked back on a program he had with Kevin Owens in Ring of Honor and recalled Owens wanting to involve Lethal’s parents in their story because they would regularly attend shows. Owens wanted to spit in the face of Lethal’s parents. Jay was hoping they would say no, but they were game to participate.

I remember specifically, there was a time at Ring of Honor where I was feuding with Kevin Steen and he wanted to do this thing where he’d spit on them [Lethal’s parents]. The toughest part about that was my parents never sat front row. They didn’t like sitting front row and because of that, if they ever sat front row, it was like, it was a dead giveaway. So I was okay with them doing this angle with him but I didn’t want them front row and he was gung-ho about it and I’m a team player and so are they and it came out — after it was done, I thought it was cool. But I remember thinking, I hope they say no to this and nope, they didn’t. They just always agreed. My mom has been choked before because she didn’t say no. I’ve had a tag match — actually it’s gone so far to I’ve had tag matches with my dad.

** It has been 25 years since the Montreal Screwjob took place and The Ringer has a feature story up which includes comments from both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels looking back on the situation. Michaels said coming out of it, his biggest concern was regaining the trust of the locker room and added that Vince McMahon did what he could to deflect that negativity onto himself. Michaels then recounted what Owen Hart said to him afterwards.

That was my biggest concern. This business is about taking care of one another’s bodies. Those things were never an issue with me, as far as taking liberties, even in that match. And this wasn’t even holding a guy down, so to speak. But it certainly was real enough and sucked enough at the time… You knew there were people who already loathed you and would love to kill you. But I think they knew that it was a position I was put in. I did it. They didn’t like it and they might have wanted to do something to me, but no one did.

The [ill will] did not last as long as I feared, because of Vince doing everything he could to take the responsibility and to try to get everyone to understand that it was his call… I always go back to him talking to Taker. Mark [Undertaker] had a real big leadership role in that respect after all of it was explained to him. He sort of set the tempo when he came out and said, ‘Look, you and I are cool.’ And then even Owen [Hart] coming to me after to say, ‘That was between you and Bret and has nothing to do with me and you.’ So it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. I mean, it still felt bad, you know what I mean?

Michaels touched on the conversation regarding who was better between him and Bret. There was once a time when Michaels felt Hart was the better wrestler, but he was the better performer. Michaels went on to add that it’s all personal preference.

Over the years, I have sort of come to understand Bret and I will always be linked. I was the Joker to his Batman, or the Lex Luthor to his Superman. I think we were just two very different people who [saw] the wrestling business differently. But I think we were both fricking fantastic in our roles because when you talk about wanting to be out there with a guy, I’d pick him any day of the week [and] twice on Sunday… If we had 100 Brets come through here, I’d be thrilled. If we had just one Bret, and I could work with him and Norman Smiley and Robbie Brookside could make him even better, oh my goodness, I’d give my right arm for something like that. It would be a blessing… 

It’s the age-old question: ‘Who’s better? Shawn or Bret?’ At some point it dawned on me, oh my goodness, yeah, Bret was easily a better wrestler than I am. But I think I was a better performer. When we came into the age of the sports entertainer, I think that was my space, that was my area. It had to do with more than just the technical wrestling of a match. It had a lot to do with emotion and story. And also, look, the charisma, the entrance, all of it sort of combined. At the end of the day, there’s no defining the best and the greatest and all that kind of stuff in this line of work. Every bit of it is personal preference. And I try to remind everybody like, ‘Hey, just the fact that I’m even in the conversation is fricking fantastic with me.’

** K & S WrestleFest brought Ron Simmons in for a virtual signing. Simmons joked about his presentation on the NBC series Young Rock and that it was an injustice.

Listen, I think I’ll take that [he had more muscle than the individual who plays his character] because they kind of did most of us [an] injustice [with the casting for Young Rock]. Godfather… [Simmons laughed]. You’re like, hey, who did this casting man?

** The current AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa is currently sidelined with an injury and does not have a timetable for when she’ll return to in-ring action. She told the Wrestling Perspective Podcast that she cannot be too concerned about what the landscape of AEW will look like when she gets back.

I cannot get anxious about it because I don’t have no control over it [what the landscape of AEW could look like when I get back]. I can only work on what I can for myself. So I can be ready when I come back, for anything, you know? And that’s what I’m working on honestly. If I’m completely honest, I’m working on getting physically and mentally ready to come back to whatever it is that this new landscape looks like and just be ready to tackle everything. X, Y and Z.

When Rosa won the title this past March in San Antonio, Texas, the ring AEW used for the show was the ring that Rosa uses for her Mission Pro Wrestling promotion. That area is a home base for the promotion.

And everything just happened so fast [Rosa said about AEW Women’s World Title win] because Tony [Khan] was really open for suggestions on how to do this and I didn’t even know it was gonna be in San Antonio and it was like, it couldn’t have been more perfect because, again, it happened in San Antonio and in the ring [that] it happened, it was my ring actually, the ring that I use for my [Mission Pro Wrestling] shows. So, I bled in my own ring so it’s very special. I’m probably never gonna sell it.  

** While at a Maryland Championship Wrestling event, Trey Miguel was interviewed for the promotion’s ‘Backstage Pass’ show on YouTube. Miguel shared that after his in-ring career, he’s interested in becoming a producer.

When I’m done with wrestling, I’d like to produce it. That’s what I’d like to do. No one wrestles forever and as long as I can stay in it, I’d like to find positions that work for me that I enjoy. I believe that you should always enjoy what you like. Enjoy what you’re doing.

** There’s an interview on Jim Varsallone’s YouTube channel that he conducted with ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey. The former IMPACT X Division Champion heaped praise onto Veda Scott’s commentary. Bailey said his significant other understands how to enhance a match and he’s always proud of her.

So, there’s many qualities that have been pointed out in Veda’s commentary which I think that they are absolutely, absolutely one of the best out there. Veda has wrestled all over the world. Like three tours in Japan, all over Europe, England, Canada, you name it and the level of knowledge that they bring to professional wrestling and describing the matches is out of this world but also, the amount of care, that effort that goes into describing the action for Veda is really… I don’t wanna say it’s unusual because every commentator puts their own spin on it and any commentator at a high level gives a lot of effort towards it but the way Veda does it is just something special that I can’t describe. There is nothing that impresses me more than listening to them call matches and it is absolutely fantastic and you know, I’m always proud of her. There’s nothing I enjoy more than having Veda call one of my matches because I know that will only make the match just that much better.

I also think a big part of it is, uh, as a woman who’s been around independent wrestling, you hear a lot of bad commentary, especially at the lower-level and you hear what that can do to a match, because it happens. You know, smaller promotions, there’s not a lot of care put in the commentary and it really, really leaves a bad taste in your mouth even if you’re watching a great match and Veda knows what that’s like and always in their mind is how can I help these wrestlers have a good match? And when they do rewatch it, how can I be sure that the commentary is in line with what they’re trying to do and only enhances it rather than, you know, takes away or distracts or does anything negative to the match? Which sounds very basic but there’s an art to it that I have so much respect for.

He touched on the in-ring chemistry he’s established with IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander. As he was speaking about that, he shed light on the Canadian independent scene and the unseen talent that is out there.

I have [worked with Josh Alexander a handful of times in Canada]. I mean, of course… he is one of the best pro wrestlers in the world and every time I go up against him, it feels like a new test. It’s setting a new benchmark. But, not only for us as professional wrestlers but, for Canadian wrestling as well which I think he and I do an excellent job of representing. I should mention it every chance I get. The amount of talent in Canada right now that goes underrepresented, mostly because of the border and just a lack of visibility but there is so much talent out there in Canada right now and you know, if me and Josh can be any indication of the level of professional wrestling that goes on… I’m from Montreal, he’s from Toronto, completely different parts, very far away. Vancouver is also completely full of talent right now and absolutely going off but, yeah, every time we wrestle each other, we always make something special, he is undoubtedly one of the best in the world and I mean, there is a undiscovered talent pool for most American pro wrestling fans that is just, you know, out there. Not quite on the same level obviously, but close.

** Christy Hemme was the focus of a virtual signing hosted by RDP Promotions. She is currently working backstage for IMPACT Wrestling. Hemme said she prefers that over being a talent. Her interest in producing started when she used to organize photoshoots for TNA/IMPACT.

Yes I did [organize photoshoots for TNA/IMPACT]. I ran a lot of those things and it was awesome and fun and it sparked my passion for producing which I prefer now over being a talent.

** An audience member threw a drink at Scarlett as a match between Karrion Kross and Drew McIntyre was happening at a WWE house show in Peoria, Illinois. Per PWInsider, the woman who threw the drink was escorted out of the venue along with their family. Scarlett immediately told security she was fine and went back to focusing on the match. 

** Before NJPW held their 11/12 show in Anjō, Japan which is the hometown of Kazuchika Okada, Okada returned to his junior high school. He was the focus of a Q&A session that staff members and students attended. He shared that he slept through most of his eighth-grade classes which drew laughter from the audience. He began to take school more seriously once his parents said they’d buy him a pro wrestling-related video if he improved.

** NJPW commentator Kevin Kelly noted that he has financial stake in an independent promotion called ‘American eXcellence Wrestling’. The first show is scheduled for January 7th at the Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

** Episode four of Brandi Rhodes’ podcast featured Cassie Lee.

** DDT Pro-Wrestling Results (11/13/22) KBS Hall in Kyoto, Japan
– Yusuke Okada, Yuya Koroku & R.S.P. def. Joey Janela, Kazuma Sumi & Makoto Oishi
– DISASTER BOX (Kazuki Hirata & Toru Owashi) def. Danshoku Dino & Yuki Ino by DQ
D-Ou Grand Prix Block B: Yukio Naya [6] def. KANON [2]
D-Ou Grand Prix Block B: Yuji Hino [7] def. MAO [2]
– Akito, Naruki Doi & Tetsuya Endo def. Hideki Okatani, Takeshi Masada & Yuki Ishida
D-Ou Grand Prix Block A: Daisuke Sasaki [5] def. Naomi Yoshimura [2]
D-Ou Grand Prix Block B: Kazusada Higuchi [7] def. Chris Brookes [2]
– Saki Akai, Yukio Sakaguchi & HARASHIMA def. Shunma Katsumata, Yuki Ueno & Aja Kong
DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship: Saki Akai def. Yukio Sakaguchi (c)

** Alex Zayne appeared on TV Asahi’s ‘Shinnichi Champion’ show with Hiroshi Tanahashi. 

** TJPW ‘City Circuit Autumn’ Results (11/13/22) KBS Hall in Kyoto, Japan
– Moka Miyamoto def. Kaya Toribami
Three Way: Shoko Nakajima def. Haruna Neko and Suzume
– Raku & Yuki Aino def. Mahiro Kiryu & Yuki Kamifuku
– Rika Tatsumi def. Arisu Endo
– Magical Sugar Rabbits (Mizuki & Yuka Sakazaki) def. Hikari Noa & Maki Ito
– Saki Akai & Yuki Arai def. Miu Watanabe & Pom Harajuku

** WRAL-TV in North Carolina has a feature story on their site about Reby Hardy.

** AJPW World’s Strongest Tag Determination League Results (11/13/22) Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Pre-Show: Black Menso-re, Izanagi & Oji Shiiba def. TAJIRI, Takao Omori & Yoshitatsu
Jr. Battle Of Glory Tournament Match: Dan Tamura [2] def. Ryo Inoue [0]
Jr. Battle Of Glory Tournament Match: Rising HAYATO [2] def. Hokuto Omori [0]
Jr. Battle Of Glory Tournament Match: Hikaru Sato [2] def. Atsuki Aoyagi [0]
Tag League: Koji Doi & Kuma Arashi [2] def. Voodoo Murders (Jun Saito & Rei Saito) [0] by DQ
Tag League: Yuji Nagata & Yuma Anzai [2] def. Ryuki Honda & Shotaro Ashino [0]
Tag League: Cyrus & Shuji Ishikawa [2] def. Jake Lee & Yuma Aoyagi [0]
Tag League: Voodoo Murders (KONO & Suwama) [2] def. Kento Miyahara & Takuya Nomura [0]

** November 13th birthdays: wXw Germany’s Nick Schreier, Bear Bronson, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

** Prior to NWA Hard Times 3, KiLynn King was interviewed by The Bob Culture Podcast.

** ‘SpeedFreaks’ welcomed Big E back onto their platform.

** In honor of Veteran’s Day, Steve Maclin joined Busted Open Radio.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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