Jack Evans recounts story of Teddy Hart getting him to smuggle marijuana across Canada-United States border

Jack Evans recounts a story with Teddy Hart and another of being held at gunpoint in Mexico

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Jack Evans shares several high-paced stories from his career in wrestling. 

For nearly 22 years, Jack Evans has been part of the pro wrestling business. After wrapping up a four year run with All Elite Wrestling, he’s back working independent dates and has returned to Mexico. 

To chat his experiences in wrestling, Evans joined René Duprée and Paul London for a Café De René livestream. As they were conversing about the early stages of his career, Evans’ connection to Teddy Hart was brought up. He went on to tell the story of Hart convincing him and another individual to bring marijuana across the Canada-United States border. 

Evans said Hart and the other individual had the idea of breaking the marijuana down into small pieces and putting it inside hockey sticks with the thought that because they were heading to Canada, Customs would not bat an eye at a hockey stick. Hart flew while Evans and the third party drove. They were able to successfully cross the border. 

I’m not gonna lie, Ted [Hart] actually had me smuggle drugs over the [Canada-United States] border too [Evans laughed]. Oh man. Oh! No, no, no, that was actually a few months later [after I moved there]. But no, that wasn’t that time but it was pretty quickly after that. 

I went back to Washington to visit just a couple months after in Canada and then for some reason… oh yeah, Ted was meeting this guy that grew weed in California and he was selling him the dream of being a wrestler when in reality, he was trying to get him to move to Canada so he could grow weed for him up there or whatever. So we all meet in California and then Ted’s flying back and me and this guy are driving so, this little operation the day before we left where we’ve got these hockey sticks and the top of a hockey stick, it was so hard. I don’t know how I got this job. It was the worst. But you can actually pop the top of a hockey stick off and the inside is kind of hollow. It has this one little divider in it but it’s pretty hollow. So Ted and that guy are just mashing all this weed up and really good stuff at the time. Now you have it, it’s legal, you wouldn’t stand out but at the time, this was crazy AAA stuff to have so they were just smashing it up as small as possible. I had to top off the hockey stick and then with a hanger, we were stuffing all of this weed down in the hockey sticks, because our thing was, if we’re bringing hockey sticks and stuff to Canada, Customs is just gonna accept it because it’s Canada. So yeah, we put those hockey sticks in a bag with a couple of these street hockey balls or whatever and then we just drove from California, we stopped by my house in Washington real fast and then drove over the border and it all worked out and everything and then we went from Vancouver all the way to the Canada so it was quite a trip. So yeah, there was that story and then Ted and this guy, they never got their [business] going. They had a big falling out a month or two into it, he went back home. But for a month or two, we had this crazy Californian weed. It was better than anything in Canada at the time. 

Evans recapped a story from the years he spent in Mexico. He stated that there was an occasion when he was riding with AAA’s Chessman and they were stopped by individuals with assault rifles. 

Initially, it started when one of the individuals noticed who Evans and Chessman were and Chessman made some distasteful comments towards him. Several years later, Evans shared a locker room with the person who recognized who they were.

There was a time, incident in the highway between Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey which is like — and this is at a time when there’s a very big territorial despute going on and at a gas station — this is back when Ed Hardy is cool [Evans laughed] but you see all these — I’m talking in between 15 to maybe 21 at the oldest, like kids which was heartbreaking but they’re decked out in Ed Hardy and these gold chains in the back of this pickup truck and the area we’re at is super impoverished… You know what they were about. But Chessman being the habitual line stepper that he always is — I love the guy but he always is — they’re like, ‘Hey Chessman,’ like they recognized him… So we went and did all our little shopping at the gas station, left in our van and then we get on the highway and then all of sudden, that pickup comes zooming next to us. All those kids have assault rifles, they pulled us all over and make us get out of the car and so on the side of a road on a highway, I’m on my knees in the dirt and it’s so scary because there’s all these cars passing by and stuff but they’re not gonna stop… So it’s weird to say but you could be in the worst situation but the best feeling. I really went into a physical state of shock and I felt so light. Everything’s going serene and I really, really thought I was gonna die because they were pissed as hell. So the main guy was like, ‘You’re Chessman and you, Jack, you know Laredo Kid?’ And this is like a big joke now so I don’t know how many years, I called Laredo Kid my primo, my cousin. He was like, ‘I know Laredo Kid.’ [I said], ‘He’s my cousin, he’s my cousin!’ And obviously not so when it actually turned out to be was they were just pissed that Chessman called them ‘motherf*ckers’ and told them he’ll f*ck their mom or whatever. So it’s just a show of force. They got us down in the dirt, gunpoint and all that. I believe because they wanted to, you know, we know who you are and all that… Have a group photo with all these young, teenage cartel members with assault rifles out there somewhere and then the weirdest thing is that main guy, you know, the one that kind of broke kayfabe I guess, the one that was like, ‘I know who you are, get up. Nothing’s gonna happen to you.’ He ended up becoming a wrestler and I shared a locker room with him like two years later so I was just like, what? What a weird world where this guy that pulled me out of a van at gunpoint is now in the match before me.

Evans was in action at Triplemanía in October. To read a written recap of that event, check out POST Wrestling’s coverage of it

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Café De René with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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