Saraya expecting to be ‘scrutinized’ for AEW Full Gear match, not planning to check social media afterwards

Saraya chats her forthcoming match against Britt Baker at AEW Full Gear and what she is expecting going into the bout

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Saraya’s in-ring return is happening Saturday. 

This Saturday at AEW Full Gear, for the first time since 2017, Saraya f.k.a. Paige will compete in a sanctioned match. She is scheduled to go one-on-one with Britt Baker. 

Saraya previously detailed the process of getting cleared and in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, she further spoke about her in-ring return and her expectations for it. 

She knows she’ll be under the microscope and is expecting to be scrutinized. Saraya added that she does not plan on checking social media afterwards because she’s already in her own head about how she wants things to go. 

[It’s going to be scary] for everybody. Everybody watching, just everybody in general is just going to be. It’s gonna be a big deal. I’m going to be under a microscope that day. And everything that I’m going to be doing is going to be scrutinized, it’s just I’m fully expecting it. That’s why after the match, I’m not even going to look at social media, I’m not even going to have it on my phone, because I’m already too much in my head to the point where I just want to be good and I have to focus on making sure I keep myself safe. Make sure that Britt is safe, you know, and just the pressure just having a match. It’s just wild to me… It’s a beautiful story, but it makes me nervous.

One of the first people Saraya contacted when she received the news that she was cleared was Mercedes Varnado (Sasha Banks). A match against Banks is one that Saraya wants to have now that she’s good to go in-ring. 

So I really wanted to have that match for Sasha. Like I wanted to have that rematch with her, because we have a built in story, you know, so I really wanted that. But she’s kind of going down her own path and stuff now, doing her own thing. You don’t know where she’s going to be. She has an exciting life going on right now, I’m very pleased and she’s building her career outside of wrestling too, you know, awesome. And Naomi. So it’s really really cool to see. But I get to face Britt too, who I’ve always wanted to face, and then in this brand new company as well. And the crazy part is that she’s always been a big fan of mine. I’ve seen the interviews Britt, I’ve seen them all, she was a fan of mine so it’s kind of cool that I get to have a comeback story with her, and she’s so supportive. So I’m excited. I’m excited to have that match. One day I’ll have that match with Sasha though.

There will be coverage of Full Gear here on POST Wrestling. There are nine matches on the main card which is being headlined by MJF challenging Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title.

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