Bobby Fish reflects on pro boxing debut, next fight being discussed for February 2023

The now 1-0 Bobby Fish looks back on his pro boxing debut and what could be on the horizon for him under the Global Titans banner

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Bobby Fish looks back on his pro boxing debut.

On November 13th, Bobby Fish scored a victory in what was his pro boxing debut. Fish bested Boateng Prempeh as a part of the Floyd Mayweather versus Deji undercard. 

Global Titans Fight Series hosted the event in Dubai and Fish has stated that he has a two-fight deal with the organization. On the latest edition of his Undisputed Podcast, Bobby recapped his performance alongside his coach Alec Brooks. Fish stated that he does not know if he could have asked for a better outcome. 

So, that was my first professional boxing fight and I am officially 1-0 with one knockout. So congratulations to me and the heralded coach Alec [Brooks]. I mean honestly, if I look at it as far as what the outcomes could have been and they were numerous, to be sitting here right now and to have this conversation and to be 1-0 as a professional boxer, to have one T.K.O., I don’t know, couldn’t hope for better I guess. Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied.

When it comes to when that next fight could take place, Fish shared that February 2023 has been discussed. He’s hoping it will either be kickboxing or MMA. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome as I sit here today. I did feel like when the fight ended, I was just kind of getting comfortable so, I guess that leaves me with still a little bit of a scratch to itch and not necessarily a bad thing. There is a second fight to be had with Global Titans. Preliminary, we’re talking sometime in February but we don’t know, we don’t know who exactly it’s gonna be against, what exactly it’s gonna be. Fingers are certainly crossed for it to be kickboxing or MMA. I think kickboxing is the one that makes the most sense. I think that’s the one that has the best odds of happening with Global Titans but yeah, it’s all kind of hear and see.

In October, Fish wrapped up a stint with IMPACT Wrestling that saw him challenge Josh Alexander for the IMPACT World Championship. 

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