Marina Shafir confirms that she’s signed to AEW

Marina Shafir confirms that she is signed to All Elite Wrestling

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Shafir has been wrestling for the company since late 2021. 

Present day, Marina Shafir is paired with Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero in AEW. Shafir made her in-ring debut for the company in December 2021 at a Dark taping.

While speaking to Renée Paquette on The Sessions podcast, Shafir confirmed that she is signed to All Elite Wrestling. She shared that information as she was talking about doing independent shows and then her schedule becoming ‘crazy’ once she signed. 

Before I got signed with AEW, I was doing indie shows here and there but then the schedule just got crazy because then I got signed and I was like, oh f*ck, I’m spending no time with my family, you know? And I just decided not to do anything else and then I took a couple here and there but, for me, pro wrestling is special and you can do it whenever the f*ck you wanna do it, right? That’s what people say. There isn’t just one f*cking way up the mountain. There’s multiple. So for me, I need to approach whatever matches that are in my future, I want time to prepare, I want time to understand what I need to bring to the table. I like that pressure.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Marina expressed her thought that there if there was belt system in wrestling, things would be different. 

I feel like there’s those wrestlers — and I’ll f*cking eat some sh*t on this, I don’t care — everybody thinks they can wrestle. Everybody thinks that they can do this and you know, where I come from, where I really come from, there’s some real f*cking levels to this sh*t and if there was a belt system in professional wrestling, it would be a little bit different and people would be having different f*cking conversations. But there isn’t because everybody can do it and it’s entertainment, it’s smoke and mirrors and that’s not what I bring, I bring me.

Shafir was in the corner of Nyla Rose at AEW Full Gear. Rose challenged Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship and was unsuccessful in her attempt to become champion. 

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