WWE signs cheerleader, TV personality Gabi Butler to an NIL deal

Cheerleader, YouTuber and personality Gabi Butler has signed with the WWE

Photo Courtesy: WWE

The TV personality and gymnast has signed with WWE. 

Longtime gymnast, YouTuber, cheerleader and TV personality Gabi Butler informed PEOPLE.com that she has signed an N.I.L. (Next In Line) deal with WWE. 

Butler told the outlet that she was ‘blown away’ after attending SummerSlam in Nashville, Tennessee over the summer. 

I was blown away by what they put on. I was so involved in the cheerleading industry for so long, and I never really looked into anything other than cheerleading. But when I went to SummerSlam, it really just opened my eyes to the athleticism and the dedication the athletes bring into the ring.

While she was at SummerSlam, Gabi spent time with WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon who inspired her to make the leap into the sport of pro wrestling. Gabi will have the opportunity to train at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. 

As of this writing, Butler still has two years of eligibility left for college athletics. Butler was featured in the Netflix docuseries ‘Cheer’ and gained notoriety from that. 

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