Sami Zayn would like to work with MJF and Dante Martin, “misses” Kenny Omega

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Sami Zayn has singled out MJF and Dante Martin as wrestlers outside of WWE that he would like to work with.

Zayn was speaking during an interview by Peter Rosenberg, published on YouTube on Saturday.

When asked about talent from other promotions that he would like to face, he stated:

I do see some guys out there. MJF pops to mind — I think he’s very talented.

There’s a kid in AEW called Dante Martin who’s just, like, a really great high flyer and it kind of reminds me of the matches I would have on the independents with guys who are really good high flyers, so just strictly based on in-ring, I think, just if we were working an indie in front of 300 people.

MJF lost no time in responding.


Zayn went on to talk about “missing” Kenny Omega:

It’s guys that I’ve worked with before that I just miss and that I would love to work with again now like Kenny Omega just as an example.

I’m listing a lot of AEW guys here, but you know I haven’t seen him in 10 years. That’s insane. The last time I saw him was in December of 2012 and, you know, I miss him and I miss working him. He was super easy to work — he was a lot like me actually, I thought, very detail-oriented.

Elsewhere in the interview, Zayn spoke about his current run with The Bloodline:

What it is that’s interesting and really rewarding for me is that I kind of treat everything I do like it’s the most important thing on the show, but this is the first time where it’s actually the most important thing on the show, so it’s the first time that my level of investment is returned equally by the fans’ level of investment.

That’s because I’ve been plugged in the top of the card with the guy that they’re used to investing all their energy into, which is Roman and The Bloodline … It’s awesome to get that level of engagement and that level of investment from an audience.

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