POST NEWS UPDATE: Saraya further reflects on in-ring return at AEW Full Gear, being ‘blown up’ during the match

Saraya further chats in-ring return, Ian Riccaboni on the idea of joining WWE, Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn note, Breakker chats NXT Deadline bout

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** Weeks removed from her in-ring return at AEW Full Gear, Saraya was interviewed by TMZ Sports’ Dean Muhtadi (Mojo Rawley). She recapped her thought process when it came to selling the neck injury and said after the match was over, she informed Jerry Lynn that she was winded as he pointed out that she had her head down a lot.

When it came to the wrestling side of things [her in-ring return], the thing that I was worried about was if my wind was gonna get me through and it did but I was dying… Everyone was really fantastic. Jerry Lynn was backstage, he’s like this old school wrestler and legend and he was like, ‘You kept your head down a lot. You need to pick it up’ and I was just like, ‘Bro, I couldn’t keep my head up. I was blown up.’ I could not breathe. I was face down. I was like, I could not believe I went out and did that. I think we did a total of 14 minutes and the first initial thing was everyone was really excited I was in the ring, right? So they’re very hyped. So then I did the first bump and I wanted to do that first bump where I was like, I psyched everybody out because everyone was like, ‘As soon as she takes the first bump, she’s gonna break her neck,’ because it’s really crazy to me that people were so supportive of the men coming back but I don’t know if it’s a female thing or not and I don’t wanna make it about that really but coming back, there was a lot of mixed reactions about it. People were supportive or they were just really mean to me and I’m like, what is happening? Shouldn’t this be a really cool thing for people to witness? So I wanted to go out there and prove everybody wrong but also troll them a little bit with the first bump. So I decided to act and pretended like I hurt my neck and everyone went dead quiet in the arena. They went like [gasped] and then I got up and just started laughing, you know? And then the crowd went quiet again because after that, all the bumps, they were all just like, oh my God, please don’t get hurt and I realized afterwards it’s just because people genuinely don’t want me to get hurt in the ring again. It’s a scary situation and there was that viral video of me getting hurt in the first place so I understood and once I got through it, everyone was clapping afterwards like, whew. She got through it you guys. Good job.

** Ring of Honor commentator Ian Riccaboni was the focus of a K & S WrestleFest virtual signing. Ian was asked if he’d ever consider working for WWE and is of the ‘never say never’ mindset. He added that he’s happy working for AEW/ROH.

I’d never say never [about working for WWE]. I really like working for AEW and Ring of Honor right now and it would have to be something I really enjoyed and believed in and Ring of Honor’s that right now so I’ve been with Ring of Honor for eight years going on nine.

Commenting on Chris Jericho’s reign as ROH World Champion, Riccaboni feels Jericho may have done more for the ROH brand than anyone in the last two decades.

[Chris] Jericho, he’s done more for the Ring of Honor brand in the last ten years, 20 years maybe than almost anybody. He’s got the belt on TV every week, defending it faster, more times than anybody. He’s a great champion to be perfectly honest.

** WWE Survivor Series 2017 was the focus of an episode of Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James’ Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast. He spoke about the situation when Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were sent home from a European tour. James stated that Vince McMahon’s line of thinking was that Owens and Zayn were not going to go into business for themselves.

So this is just, to me, and I’m making people mad on this episode and I apologize. This is small ball thinking. This is bush league. You’re talking about Sami Zayn has been over in every independent. It’s the independents. Nobody’s over or they’d be working for [WWE] or somebody else. They’re not over. They’re drawing 400 people. That’s not over. The word ‘over’ is overused. When you talked about [John] Cena showing up and making the needle move, that’s over. Making the needle move is over. Not being the main event of a Ring of Honor show with 480 people there. That’s not being over and I’m sorry, that’s cool. That’s very cool if you’re making your way up in the world. But there’s a long way from there… It was a ‘misunderstanding’ [Road Dogg referencing the reporting of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens being sent home from European tour]. Well of course that’s what they said because they were getting sent home from the tour, from their first overseas tour with the company. I would have said it was a misunderstanding too. But, it mattered and it was Vince [McMahon] saying, ‘You’re not gonna do this. You’re not gonna go into business for yourself. We’re gonna do what we do and that’s what we do’ and guess what? Your boss at Panera Bread says the same thing. We serve half a grilled cheese with the tomato basil ya dumbass.

He talked about pairing Randy Orton with Jon Huber (Brodie Lee) and Bray Wyatt as a part of The Wyatt Family. James was leading the SmackDown creative team at the time and said he fought to keep Huber and Orton together as a duo.

Luke [Harper] was a special individual for sure. But a really special in-ring performer… I remember him and Randy Orton being a tag team and then we turned him and everything but I fought to keep them together because I’ll never forget, I still have a picture on my phone of Bray Wyatt, like standing over Luke Harper and Randy behind them with his arms raised and then Randy Orton was such an awesome — ‘Is Randy Orton a part of The Wyatt Family?’ And so it was just such cool stuff that went on then.

When it came time for the formation of The Bludgeon Brothers with Huber and Erick Redbeard, James felt they were booked into a corner because it became tasking to decide how they could get the tag titles off Huber and Redbeard.

During this time, look, we came up with this Bludgeon Brothers thing because we kind of felt like we had run through them as Bray Wyatt’s henchmen and it was like, man, these two guys are too talented to not do something with and so, you know, right, wrong or indifferent, The Bludgeon Brothers, that’s what we came up with. Then, we booked ourselves into a corner where nobody could touch these guys. It’s like, well how do you get the titles off of ‘em? How do you ever beat them to win the tag titles? And it was like, oh God, okay. Now what do we do? But you know, a lot of this stuff is trial and error and having a good time, but also trying to utilize the talent the best way you can and put on the best television show you can.

** At NXT Deadline on 12/10, Bron Breakker is scheduled to defend the NXT Championship against Apollo Crews. While guest appearing on WWE Die Woche, Breakker commented on the forthcoming title defense and the respect he has for Apollo.

I don’t know [what people can expect from my match at NXT Deadline]. It’s a big fight feel I feel like. I’m extremely excited. I remember when Apollo Crews first started, I watched him debut and I wanna say I was either a senior in high school or maybe a young buck in college but, I remember when he first stepped on the scene and I’ve seen his journey the whole time. Now, I think the world of him and I’ve got the utmost respect for him in the world and the man that he is and the wrestler that he is and you know, I’m extremely excited. I can’t wait.

Back in October at Halloween Havoc, Breakker shared the ring with Ilja Dragunov as a part of a Triple Threat. He said he looks forward to wrestling Ilja again in a singles match.

I would absolutely look forward to wrestling Ilja [Dragunov] again in a singles match. Ilja’s a hell of a performer. He’s outstanding so, nothing but great things to say about him and you know, I hope we get to work again soon… He’s great.

** To promote IMPACT Wrestling’s partnership with DAZN, Deonna Purrazzo was interviewed by Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN. She shared that her next goal could be surpassing Gail Kim on the list of combined days as Knockouts World Champion. Gail held the title for a total of 711 days and Deonna is at 441.

Obviously, being a champion is everyone’s goal. I want to be a three-time Knockouts World Champion and with that, last time I was the champion, Mickie [James] dethroned me right before I was the longest reigning in one single reign. Taya Valkyrie still holds that. However, Gail Kim, I think is right ahead of me in terms of days as champion. It’s like 700, something crazy but I’m just above 400 and I think that I could beat her. I think that’s my next goal is to beat Gail Kim in days as champion.

** As Leila Grey of ‘The Baddies’ was doing a virtual signing for Rich Degregorio, she expressed how excited she is for AEW to head to the U.K. in 2023.

Yes [I was excited when AEW announced 2023 U.K. plans]. So my dream is to wrestle internationally so even us starting it off with going to Canada in October, I thought that-that was super cool, I was so excited and we had such a great time so I’m so excited to explore to different countries and them announcing the U.K., I’ve been trying to go to the UK. There’s actually been a few indie promotions that I was looking at out there but going with AEW, that’s just a dream come true. So I’m definitely, definitely excited to go out there to the UK. We’ll see what they have on the schedule of where we’re gonna go because they haven’t told us anything yet but, I’m definitely excited.

** L.E.C. (Life; Enjoyment & Convenience) is sponsoring the IWGP World Heavyweight Title match between Jay White and Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

** There’s a series on GolfPass titled ‘Private Lessons’, where people get a one-on-one golf lesson with a professional. WWE’s The Miz is going to be featured on the show. His coach is Devan Bonebrake. Miz’s episode was filmed in Stateline, Nevada.

** NJPW World Tag League & Super Junior Tag League Results (12/4/22) KDDI Ishin Hall in Yamaguchi, Japan
– Ryohei Oiwa & Oskar Leube def. Akio Fujita & Yuto Nakajima
– YOSHI-HASHI, Master Wato & Tomoaki Honma def. Gedo, Taiji Ishimori & Bad Luck Fale
– Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi & Hiromu Takahashi) def. Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado & Lance Archer)
Super Junior Tag League: Chris Bey & Ace Austin (12) def. Kevin Knight & KUSHIDA (2)
Super Junior Tag League: Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors (6) def. Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask (4)
Super Junior Tag League: BUSHI & Titán (10) def. Dick Togo & SHO (2)
Super Junior Tag League: Lio Rush & YOH (10) def. Alex Zayne & El Lindaman (10)
Super Junior Tag League: DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru (4) def. TJP & Francesco Akira (10)

** STARDOM ‘Goddesses of Stardom Tag League’ Results (12/4/22) Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan
– Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block A
: Queen’s Quest (AZM & Miyu Amasaki) [4] def. SAKI & Waka Tsukiyama [2]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block A: God’s Eye (Ami Sourei & MIRAI) [9] def. STARS (Hanan & Saya Iida) [2]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block A: STARS (Hazuki & Koguma) [10] def. Donna del Mondo (Himeka & Maika) [10]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block A: Nanae Takahashi & Yuu [11] def. Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora & Ruaka) [10]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block B: God’s Eye (Syuri & Tomoka Inaba) [9] def. Lady C & Mai Sakurai [0]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block B: STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Momo Kohgo) [6] def. Oedo Tai (Fukigen Death & Saki Kashima) [4]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block B: Oedo Tai (Momo Watanabe & Starlight Kid) [9] def. Donna del Mondo (Giulia & Thekla) [8]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Block B: Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita) [10] def. Cosmic Angels (Natsupoi & Tam Nakano) [10]
Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Final: Nanae Takahashi & Yuu def. Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita)

** DDT Pro-Wrestling ‘D-Ou Grand Prix The Final’ Results (12/4/22) Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
– Hideki Okatani, Hikaru Machida & Soma Takao def. Takeshi Masada, Yuki Ishida & Yuya Koroku
Soccer Rules: Danshoku Dino & Yuki Ino [3] def. Akito & Antonio Honda [2]
– Tetsuya Endo, Yusuke Okada & Kotaro Suzuki def. MAO, Shunma Katsumata & Toi Kojima
– Kazuki Hirata, Toru Owashi & Naruki Doi def. HARASHIMA, Kazuma Sumi & Yukio Sakaguchi
DDT Extreme Championship – TLC Match: Jun Akiyama def. Joey Janela (c)
– Chris Brookes, Kazusada Higuchi, R.S.P. & Yuji Hino def. DAMNATION T.A (Daisuke Sasaki, KANON, Minoru Fujita & MJ Paul)
D-Ou Grand Prix Final: Yuki Ueno def. Yukio Naya

** Ice Ribbon Results (12/4/22) 176BOX in Toyonaka, Japan
– Amin, May Lee & Nao Ishikawa def. Kiku, Makoto & Miyu
– Asahi & Yuko Sakurai def. Hamuko Hoshi & Tsukina Umino
– Ram Kaicho & Rina Yamashita def. Hikari Shimizu & Kaho Matsushita
– Ibuki Hoshi def. Totoro Satsuki
– Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma def. Maya Yukihi & Sumika Yanagawa
ICExInfinity Championship: Saori Anou (c) def. Yuuki Mashiro

** Lucha Libre Online has an interview up with Taya Valkyrie.

** Thunder Rosa documented her experience at WrestleCade 2022.

** There are New Japan Pro-Wrestling-branded manholes in Karatsu, Japan.

** Former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Wataru Inoue is hosting an online training session on behalf of NJPW. Inoue retired from in-ring competition nearly a decade ago.

** Sports Guys Talking Wrestling spoke to IMPACT Wrestling’s Bhupinder Gujjar.

** Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling ‘Fantastic Gate’ Results (12/4/22) Sapporo Dome in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
– Jason Lee & Strong Machine J def. Susumu Mochizuki & Yasushi Kanda
– Don Fujii & Genki Horiguchi def. Eita & Kaito Nagano
– Ben-K, Kota Minoura & Minorita def. Dragon Dia, Dragon Kid & Ultimo Dragon
– H.Y.O def. Jacky ‘Funky’ Kamei
Four Way Tag Team Match: Masaaki Mochizuki & Mochizuki Jr. def. Z-Brats (ISHIN & Shun Skywalker) and D’courage & Mondai Ryu and Madoka Kikuta & Yuki Yoshioka
Open The Twin Gate Championship: BIG BOSS Shimizu & Kzy def. Z-Brats (BxB Hulk & KAI) (c)

** December 4th birthdays: Hiromu Takahashi.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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