Kyoko Kimura files lawsuit against ‘Terrace House’ broadcaster, two other companies

Kyoko Kimura filed a lawsuit against the 'Terrace House' broadcaster and two other companies in connection to the passing of Hana Kimura

Lawsuit filed against Fuji Television Network and the ‘Terrace House’ production companies. 

On Tuesday, December 6th, Kyoko Kimura, mother of the late Hana Kimura, announced that she filed a lawsuit against the ‘Terrace House’ reality series broadcaster and two other companies. Kimura noted in her filing that Hana committed suicide because of the show. 

The suit was filed in the Tokyo District Court and she is seeking around ¥142 million ($1 million USD) from three companies, including Fuji Television Network. Kyoko claims the show was produced in a way that would make viewers dislike Hana. 

Hana was harassed online following her appearance(s) on the show. In May of 2021, a court ordered an individual to pay Kyoko about ¥1.29 million ($9,000 USD) in damages for posting hate messages about Hana after she took her own life

In the new suit, it is noted that Hana engaged in self harm after a scene of her ‘losing her temper’ streamed on Netflix in March 2020 prior to being broadcast on television, which led to the online harassment. The defendants continued to stream the scene and broadcast the TV series.

Kimura claims those companies intentionally staged and edited scenes to present Hana in a demeaning light. Kimura told the press that the defendants have yet to respond and hopes her suit will eliminate online bullying. 

Back in 2020, Kyoko also filed a complaint with the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization, claiming that the show violated her daughter’s personal and human rights. 

‘Terrace House’ was canceled following the death of Hana Kimura. The series had been running since 2012. 

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