New Day praises Pretty Deadly for NXT Deadline match, comments on Eddie Guerrero tribute

The newly crowned NXT Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods speak highly of their opponents at Deadline, Pretty Deadly

Photo Courtesy: WWE

The new NXT Tag Team Champions reflect on Deadline. 

Over the weekend, NXT held their final Premium Live Event of 2022 in ‘Deadline’. The show featured the crowning of new NXT Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

They ended Pretty Deadly’s reign which began in early September. Heading into the ‘Deadline’ fallout episode of NXT on USA Network, Sports Illustrated caught up with Woods and Kofi

New Day heaped praise onto Kit Wilson and Elton Prince along with the match they were able to put together. Kofi said anything they can do to help Pretty Deadly, they’ll do it because they want to see them flourish. 

Kingston: Pretty Deadly is so talented. And they’re going to be even bigger than they are now. It’s all about getting experience and getting in there with experienced superstars, then spreading their wings to fly. Anything we can do to help that, we’re here for it. We want them to flourish. That’s what we’re here to do, and I’m looking forward to mixing it up with them again.

Woods: Everybody brought their full selves to that match, which was easy to tell. We love getting a chance to tell our stories in the way we want to tell them. And it is the job of the current generation to give their knowledge to the next generation, so that will be the best era of pro wrestling. That’s very important to us, and it’s a responsibility for us to teach what we know.

During the match, there was a tribute to Eddie Guerrero where each man attempted to pass the belt to their opponent and fall down on the mat as if they’d been hit. 

It resulted in each of them being down on the ground and the referee turning around to both teams ‘laid out’. Woods had the following to say about the spot: 

Woods: We were excited that the crowd was so into it. No one was expecting that.

Woods and Kingston are being promoted for tonight’s NXT. There is going to be written coverage of the show here on POST Wrestling which will be followed by a video/audio review by the Poison Rana podcast

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