ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 38 Report: Ultraviolent Vortex

Photo Courtesy: ICW: No Holds Barred

ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 38: Ultraviolent Vortex
Friday, December 16, 2022, H20 Wrestling Center
Williamstown, New Jersey

Commentary: The Struggles and Brandon Kirk 

Deathmatch: Akira vs. Marcus Mathers

This is Marcus’s first appearance inside the chains, the match started with a feeling-out process for both men as they tried to lock in various submission holds. Marcus hit a Northern Lights Suplex for the first near fall of the night, Marcus sent Akira to the floor and took him out with a tope. The Deathmatch fan who looks like Mike Gardner is in attendance tonight. They traded chops on the floor as the crowd chanted to hit him harder; Marcus ran around ringside before he eventually hit Akira with a pump kick. Akira quickly recovered and took Mathers out with a rolling senton from the apron, back inside the ring Akira continued his beatdown by hitting Marcus in the head with a street sign before hip-tossing him into the sign for a near fall. Akira Hammerfisted a Kenzan into Mather’s head further bloodying Marcus Mathers. Mathers hung Akira up with the street sign in his face and threw a chair at it which stunned Akira. Mathers Powerbombed Akira through a door and climbed onto the platform and connected with a Swanton Bomb, Akira kicked out but Marcus hit him with the Bozo Buster which he again kicked out of. The two men traded strikes and slaps in the center of the ring, Akira picked up Mathers and lawn-darted him into a door, hit a rolling Capo Kick followed by a Piledriver and a Death Penalty for the win. 

Akira Defeated Marcus Mathers

H20 Wrestling Championship Match: 1 Called Manders (Champion) vs. Crowbar

The two men started trading forearms and power moves as they tried to get control of the match; Crowbar proceeded to choke Manders on the chains and hit him with a door. Crowbar set up a door in the corner which allowed Manders to briefly fire up with some punches but Crowbar hit him with a Spinebuster and stretched him, causing further damage to Manders. Crowbar set Manders up on the apron and hit him with a leg drop, Manders responded with a stalling suplex for a close near fall. Manders took the fight to the floor and hit Crowbar across the back with a chair a couple of times, Crowbar responded with one of his own before he placed Manders on the chair and hit a diving lariat which sent both men crashing on the ground. Crowbar continued to inflict punishment on Manders but it wasn’t enough to secure the victory. Crowbar hit a top Hurricanrana and locked in a choke hold to further weaken the H20 Wrestling Champion. They took each other out with lariats, Manders was able to recover first and he attempted to send Crowbar through a door with a running Powerslam but Crowbar got out of it and hit Manders with a Reverse DDT. Crowbar hit Manders with a Northern lights Suplex through the door and followed that up with a series of rapid-fire elbow drops. Manders was able to cut off Crowbar’s momentum with a massive Lariat but it wasn’t enough to put Crowbar away. He hit a second lariat followed by a running Powerslam through the door to secure the victory.

Manders Retained the H20 Wrestling Championship

Deathmatch: Deklan Grant vs. Orin Veidt

The two traded holds at the start of the match before Orin gained control and hit Grant in the head with a couple of tubes. The fight spilled to the floor where Orin headbutted a couple of tubes into the head of Deklan Grant, Orin got distracted by the crowd which provided Deklan the opening he needed to break a couple of tubes across Orin’s head. Deklan grabbed a pane of glass and set it up on the floor. He attempted to send Orin through it but Orin was able to escape and hit Deklan with a couple of tubes. The two men slapped each other in the face a couple of times, Deklan hit Orin with a Blue Thunder Bomb and a couple of tubes right to Orin’s chest but Orin was still able to kick out. Orin grabbed a couple of tubes and broke them across Deklan’s chest, Deklan went for a tube-assisted Code Breaker but the tubes didn’t break so Orin broke them via a Double Stomp to the chest. The two men traded tube headbutts followed by straight punches to the jaw, Orin hit Deklan with a brutal headbutt that made the crowd audibly gasp. Orin then press-slammed Deklan out of the ring through the pane of glass on the floor but it still wasn’t enough to put Deklan away. Deklan hit a combination Stunner into a Saito suplex followed by a TK1 Bomb but Orin still kicked out. He attempted another one but was met with tubes to his back and an Assault Driver through a chair which secured the victory for Orin Veidt. 

Orin Veidt Defeated Deklan Grant 

Deathmatch: MM3 vs. Tommy Vendetta

MM3 and Tommy slapped each other in the face, they set up two chairs in the center of the ring and told the ref to judge the slaps based on sound. They exchanged some hard shots before Tommy rolled his way out of the ring but was quickly attacked by MM3. Tommy quickly regained control and sent MM3 crashing on the apron via a Powerbomb. Tommy tried to suplex MM3 through a door but the door didn’t break, so he tried it again and was successful. MM3 recovered and Sabu’d a chair into Tommy’s head after hitting a spikerana. MM3 placed a chair around Tommy’s neck and baseball swung another chair at it causing the chair to fly off. The Struggles dropped a Prince Fielder reference which I enjoyed. MM3 hit a series of kicks to Tommy’s head and attempted a Rana but Tommy fought out of it and crotched MM3 on the top chain. He followed that up with a Cannonball but he wasn’t able to get the victory. Tommy grabbed a bottle of ‘chloroform’ and rubbed it on his hands, before he could use it on MM3, he was hit with a Seatbelt German suplex. Tommy went to spill his box of Legos on the canvas but the box was empty which provided MM3 the chance to hit a Canadian Destroyer and wet a rag with the ‘chloroform’. He briefly knocked Tommy out but then hit him with a rough-looking Saito suplex. MM3 followed that up by sending Tommy through a door with a Death Valley Driver. Tommy fired back up and pinned MM3 with a short drop Piledriver. 

Tommy Vendetta Defeated MM3

Deathmatch Part III: Chris Bradley vs. Kristian Ross 

The match started off hot with Bradley sidestepping a charging Kristian Ross which sent him through a door. Bradley followed that up with a bundle of tubes across Ross’s head and used the broken shards to carve away at his forehead. Bradley then Hammerfisted a gusset plate into Ross’s head and proceeded to set up a door bridge in the corner. Bradley hit Ross across the back with some carpet strips but Ross was on phased and Chokeslammed Bradley on a pile of chairs. Ross set Bradley up in the corner with some tubes across his face, Ross then Sabu’d a chair into the tubes causing them to shatter across Bradley’s face. The fight spilled to the floor where they both hit each other with chair shots and drank a beer to fire back up. Bradley DDT’d Ross face-first onto a chair then placed a trash can over Ross’s body and came off the top rope with a big splash. Bradley set up a door on the second chain and turned his attention back to Ross who hit Bradley with a bunch of tubes followed by a Death Valley Driver through the door for the victory. 

Kristian Ross Defeated Chris Bradley

Kristian Ross takes a 2-1 lead 

Deathmatch: Lowlife Louie Ramos vs. Danny Demanto

They started with a test of strength which Danny easily won and stomped on Louie’s hands, they went back to the test of strength, and Danny tried to stomp on the hands again but Louie moved them out of the way. Danny fired up and smashed multiple bundles of tubes across Louie’s head, he then hit Louie with the popper bat and then a thumbtack bat. Louie responded by hammering a gusset into Danny’s head and hitting across the back with a light tube. Danny stuck something into Louie’s head and proceeded to take it off his head with a bat with Christmas ornaments on them. Danny shit-talked the crowd and then hammer-fisted a gusset into Louie’s head and sent him through a door. Danny hit Louie over the head with the broken end of the door and hit a Frog Splash but Louie was able to get his shoulder up. Louie Hulked up and hit Danny with a Big Boot followed by a Lariat Leg Drop combo but Danny kicked out. Danny set Louie up in the center of the ring with a bundle of tubes and hit a top rope Elbow Drop for the victory.

Danny Demanto Defeated Lowlife Louie Ramos  

Four-Way Deathmatch: Abdullah Kobayashi vs

This is Abdullah Kobayashi’s first match in the United States since the Tournament of Death ten years ago. All three competitors hit Murdoch with tubes as the match spilled to the floor, Kobayashi broke a handful of light tubes across Murdoch’s, and Tremont did the same to Casanova, Tremont grabbed a light tube fan and broke them across the back of Casanova Valentine. Murdoch and Kobayashi threw endless amounts of light tubes at each other, and from there Kobayashi turned his attention to Matt Tremont. The two stood in the center of the ring as the fans chanted for both men as they started to trade punches and chops. Valentine made his way back into the ring, he and Murdoch placed bundles on the chest and back of Kobayashi and ran into him causing the tubes to get caught in the Japanese Deathmatch Legends shirt. Cas is such a sloppy worker. Kobayashi entered the ring and took everyone out with lariats and headbutts. Murdoch and Kobayashi proceeded to throw bundles of tubes at their competitors as the match fully broke down into mayhem, there was an incredible amount of broken glass in the ring as Tremont took Kobayashi out with a lariat. Murdoch set a bundle of tubes on fire and broke them over the head of Matt Tremont. Tremont bailed to the floor leaving Kobayashi alone with Murdoch, Kobayashi hit a Shining Wizard followed by an elbow drop but Murdoch kicked out. Murdoch stuck a fork in Kobayashi’s head and attempted a brainbuster but Kobayashi blocked it and started to stab Murdoch with the fork followed by a German Suplex. Kobayashi pinned Murdoch after a tube-assisted elbow drop. 

Abdullah Kobayashi Defeated Matt Tremont, John Murdoch, and Casanova Valentine

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