KiLynn King: “Would I love to end up in WWE? Absolutely”

KiLynn King clarifies comment from a past interview and discusses her debut for IMPACT Wrestling

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King also dove into her IMPACT Wrestling debut and her experience backstage. 

The year of 2022 for KiLynn King included wrestling for AEW, NWA and challenging Mayu Iwatani for the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title on a New Japan Pro-Wrestling show. 

In an interview KiLynn did this year, she reflected on getting to wrestle Toni Storm in AEW. Storm is someone that King did not think she’d get to wrestle seeing as how Storm had been in WWE. 

In that aforementioned interview, she made a remark about ‘not seeing herself in WWE’. While speaking to ‘Putting You Over’, she clarified that comment and said she meant it as she did not think she would be able to get to WWE. King added that she would love to end up in the company but is not sure if that’ll happen because of her age. 

I didn’t mean that I never saw myself in WWE [King clarified comment from previous interview]. I just didn’t think it was a possibility for me because I’m not shy about it, I’m in my 30s. I’m 31, almost 32 and all the rumors you hear about what they expect and what they want, you’re like, okay, I know I’m a good worker, I know I’m a good performer but if they’re being very strict about that, then maybe that’s not where I’m meant to end up. Would I love to end up in WWE? Absolutely. Work is work, exposure is exposure and WWE has been around for a long ass time for a reason. So, yeah, of course I would love to end up at WWE. That’d be very, very cool. I’m just not sure if that’s ever gonna happen just because I waited a long time to get into wrestling. I missed the — what they consider — the prime years. I think I’m doing pretty good in my 30s but whatever, and I love the female talent that they’re bringing in right now… Across all brands, I really think that some of their women are really reshaping their division. It’s really cool to watch…

At an IMPACT Wrestling taping in early December, KiLynn wrestled in two matches. The first bout aired on ‘Before the IMPACT’ and it was against Taylor Wilde. 

She enjoyed her time being there and commented on working with Gail Kim. King hopes that those matches are not the last that people see of her in IMPACT. 

I had two matches there [for IMPACT Wrestling]. It was so fun. It’s a crazy, awesome locker room back there. Some people there, I’ve known for years and some people, it was [my] first time meeting them ever. But yeah, it was my first time getting to hang out in that atmosphere. They have their own little world there and it’s so cool and everybody is so invested in the product. The women are so invested in the men, the men are so invested in the women and all around, it’s just a really cool, creative atmosphere and I got to work with Gail [Kim] a little bit and some other people… My biggest thing, whenever I go to new companies, I really love seeing what the different coaches for the matches bring to us, what advice they have for us based off of what they know that’ll work, that they suggest or advise for us. It just helps your brain learn so much more or even just taking our normal go-to things and just being like, ‘Hey, what if we did this with it?’ And just twist it around and change it and expanded upon it and things like that really just help my brain grow and so getting to work with new coaches and just new talent, a new locker room, it was really cool and I really hope that that’s not even the end of it though.

I had Gail the first day [as a producer] and I feel terrible, I can’t remember this guy’s name, the second day. But I mainly worked with Gail and then I got to talk to Tommy [Dreamer] and Bubba [Bully Ray] a little bit backstage. It was so fun.

To get a recap of the 12/22 IMPACT on AXS which was lead into by Before the IMPACT, click here. Tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling is going to be a best-of-2022 show. 

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