Konnan discusses AEW’s Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo being pulled from AAA Noche de Campeones

Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo were supposed to defend the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Titles but both were not available

Konnan does not understand why Guevara could not make the show. 

Going into AAA’s Noche de Campeones on December 28th, Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara were scheduled to defend the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Titles. 

The titles would ultimately be declared vacant come show time and new champions were crowned as Tay competed at AEW New Year’s Smash and Guevara was not present for the title defense either. 

On the newest episode of K100 w/ Konnan & Disco, Konnan stated that Tony Khan pulled Tay to fill in for someone on the AEW roster that had COVID. Konnan does not get why Guevara was pulled seeing as how he was not on New Year’s Smash or on the Rampage edition of the show. 

Tony [Khan] pulled Tay [Melo from AAA Noche de Campeones] because some girl, I don’t know who, had COVID. I’m not sure why Sammy [Guevara] was pulled because he didn’t even appear on the f*cking show [AEW Dynamite].

Konnan went on to confirm a comment from his co-host, Disco Inferno, about this not being the first time Sammy and Tay have missed a AAA show. He stated that the first time this occurred, they missed their flight which led to Konnan being questioned about how that happened. 

He became frustrated at Disco for a brief moment for asking him said question. Konnan said the second time, Tay was having visa troubles. He reiterated his point about why Guevara was not sent in for the AAA show seeing as how he was not used by AEW. 

Yeah [it’s the third time Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo have been unable to make a AAA show]. 

[They kept getting booked] because the first time, they missed their flight… I don’t f*cking know dude! They missed their f*cking flight! [Konnan respond to Disco who asked how they missed their flight]. You’ve never missed one? Yeah right. I don’t need to hear this f*cking interrogation bullsh*t… I just f*cking told you the truth. I don’t need to make sh*t up… I get along with both of them. The second time, it was — this girl’s Brazilian, Tay Melo, and I know this to be a fact because one time when I was handling Rey’s business when he was out of WWE, they wanted him to go to Brazil and to get a visa is not easy. So she needed to get a visa and this is the problem, we’ve had it with [Rey] Fenix, we’ve had it with Daga, all these people. They wait until the last minute to try to get a visa. The Russian girl [Natalia Markova], she missed like three or four shows herself and anyways, so, Tay sent me her visa papers and she was like, ‘I tried to get my visa. I couldn’t on time but we will be on the next show for sure.’ They sent me a video, everything was cool and then the next thing I know, Tony [Khan] pulled her because somebody had COVID. What I don’t understand is why he didn’t just send Sammy? Because Sammy didn’t do sh*t on the show [AEW Dynamite]. 

Also at Noche de Campeones, Dragon Lee made the announcement that he signed with WWE. This came after Lee and Dralístico defeated FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) for the AAA World Tag Team Titles. 

AAA English commentator Larry Dallas guest appeared on the podcast and explained his on-commentary reaction to the Dragon Lee news. December 28th is considered to be an April Fool’s type of day in Mexico and throughout the day, Dallas saw multiple news sites having fun with the theme of the day.

One of the headlines he read was that Último Guerrero signed with WWE. So when he heard Dragon Lee’s announcement, his immediate reaction was that it could be a prank. 

Dallas: I guess Wednesday, it was like the April Fool’s Day of Mexico. So on that day, I’m preparing for the show and I saw all these things. I think I saw an article like, ‘Último Guerrero signed with WWE’ and all this stuff and it was all this stuff basically, it was like all the Mexican news sites having fun with it being their April Fool’s Day. So we’re doing the show, we’re doing the show, we’re doing the show. So Dragon Lee, Hermanos Lee won the tag titles from FTR and Dragon Lee starts doing his promo in Spanish and I hear ‘WWE’ and I’m kind of confused by the whole thing and I’m like, ‘WWE?’ And my partner [Joe] Dombrowski goes like, ‘Oh, Dragon Lee just announced he’s signing with WWE NXT.’ So I was on high alert because I read about the Mexican April Fool’s Day. I’m like, ‘Oh! It’s Mexican April Fool’s Day, be careful. He might just be joking about the whole thing.’ So I check Twitter while I’m calling the show, Marc Raimondi of ESPN has this whole article. These motherf*ckers have articles out. They were already typed up, they were waiting for the news to hit on the AAA show. They’re posting these articles and me, the dumbass calling the show and literally… the biggest announcement from this show, the big news, Dragon Lee signs with NXT, Dragon Lee signs with WWE, no one told me. Hugo [Savinovich] and Konnan knew about it that day, they were busy running around at the show. They never told us and I literally thought it was the Mexican April Fool’s joke for some reason and I look like an absolute idiot now. I literally buried what would have been one of the biggest calls of my career. Big news story, ESPN’s reporting, everyone’s reporting it… As Dombrowksi said to me in text that night, ‘It’s the Bobby Heenan, Hulk Hogan’s coming out, Bash at the Beach 96…’ And Heenan’s like, ‘Well what side is he on?’

POST Wrestling’s John Pollock and Wai Ting shared their thoughts about Dragon Lee heading to WWE on the ‘Double Shot’ edition of Rewind-A-Dynamite

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit K100 w/ Konnan & Disco with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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