Booker T’s NXT commentary stint was supposed to wrap up in December, jokes about taking Wade Barrett’s spot

Booker T states that he's full-time in NXT now as his commentary stint was originally supposed to end in December

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Booker T states that he’s full-time with NXT. 

As the new regime in WWE was two months into the change, the broadcast teams for Raw, NXT and SmackDown were switched up. Wade Barrett was moved from NXT to SmackDown as Pat McAfee focused on his duties with ESPN’s College Gameday

Booker T was slotted into the NXT role and has been calling the action alongside Vic Joseph. On the newest episode of Booker’s ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast, he shared that his NXT commentary stint was supposed to wrap up in December. 

He went on to state that he’s now full-time on the brand and joked about taking Wade Barrett’s spot, adding that Barrett is not coming back. 

I gotta get back to work. NXT duties start tomorrow. My thing is, that job was only supposed to be until the end of December. But like I say, what’s that kid’s name that used to work there?… Yeah, yeah, Wade Barrett. He’s gone and forgotten as you can see (Booker laughed). 

That’s my job now. That’s my job, full-time… I’m full-time now. I’m full-time on NXT, all right? I’m gonna be up in your ear, all up in your ear, every Tuesday (Booker laughed)… Wade Barrett, I don’t know if they’re gonna keep him on, find a spot for him over on Raw or SmackDown or something but his ass ain’t coming back to NXT… He’s finished, he’s wrapped… Bad news for you, Booker T has stole that spot and I told you guys I was gonna steal it. I told you guys I was gonna steal it. You don’t give me a job and expect for somebody to come — I’m like Tom Brady. Once I get in the game, I ain’t coming out… And the thing is, it wasn’t something I was expecting or anything like that but I’m excited about it, I’m excited about this new venture. 

Tonight’s episode of NXT is the first live show for the brand in several weeks. It is the go-home episode before the New Year’s Evil special on January 10th. 

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