Molly Holly details her approach to being a producer at WWE, views it as being the ‘eyes of the casual fan’

Molly Holly speaks about her role as a producer for WWE, Jerry Lawler's past commentary, her favorite match and Beth Phoenix

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Molly states that she wants to cater to every type of viewer. 

Dating back to 2021, Molly Holly has been working with WWE as a producer. 

The two-time WWE Women’s Champion was the focus of a Highspots Sign-it-Live stream and she dove into how she approaches that role. Molly views it as if she’s the eyes for the casual viewer and wants to make sure all viewers are catered to and not just one section. 

So I do look at it (role as a producer) as I’m the eyes of the casual fan. I’m the person who flips through every now and then to watch so whenever I’m helping with the show, I try to say, ‘Okay, we don’t wanna just cater it to the pocket of people who are super fans and devoted to every week. If someone’s flipping through the channels, maybe for the first time, I want to capture their attention and make them first-time fans, make them life-long fans from just this very first time seeing the show’ so that is something that I think I bring from a casual fan or occasional fan perspective.

For Molly’s full-time run in WWE, on the call for a good portion of her matches and on-screen time was Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. She was asked if she ever had a problem with how Lawler spoke about the female talents on commentary. 

Molly understood that Lawler had a job to do and was never upset with him. She feels a lot of what he said, at the time, was culturally acceptable. She did state that she would have rather her athleticism be talked about. 

A little side note of this outfit too (gear she was selling), I was wearing it on TV one time and I was showing extra cleavage because of all the action and Jerry Lawler said, ‘Wow! Molly’s really pouring her heart out.’ Or something like that (she laughed). He had so many little one-liners and zingers. 

So, I have always liked Jerry and I knew that he had a job to do and he did his job well. I didn’t particularly care for the things that he said but I never held that against him personally. His job is to entertain the demographic that is watching the show and at the time, that was all culturally acceptable and funny so yeah, no problems with it even though I would have rather they talked about my athleticism. It just was what it was for the time. 

Elsewhere during the signing, she told the story of when she wrestled Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix and Traci Brooks on the same night in their tryout matches. 

Molly’s first impression of Gail was that she was stiff in the ring and told John Laurinaitis that Beth was who should be hired. Molly went on to speak highly of Gail and said she loved working with her. 

Gail [Kim] had a tryout match at WWE alongside Traci Brooks and Beth Phoenix. I wrestled all three of those women before the show. John Laurinaitis asked me how I felt about each one of the women. I said that Gail was too stiff, she beat me up. I said, ‘You need to hire Beth Phoenix’ and so, he hired Gail. Turns out, she’s super awesome and I love working with her and she was great but my first impression was I was like, ouch, man, she’s tough.

Out of all the matches Molly has had, the one she looks back on the fondest was facing Lita at Survivor Series 2003. She stated that she always recommends that to people when they inquire about what she did/does for living. 

One of the best matches of my entire career was Survivor Series 2003 against Lita. Whenever I meet someone, let’s say they’re sitting next to me on an airplane or they’re not really a fan but they wanna know what I did, I always refer them to that match because I really, really liked it.

In December, Molly shared that she informed WWE creative that if they want her to be in the 2023 women’s Royal Rumble match, they had to let her know ahead of time. As of that writing, she was not approached about it. 

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Highspots Sign-it-Live with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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