Bobby Lashley thinks it would be cool if Chris Masters returned to WWE, wants to break ‘Master Lock’ again

Bobby Lashley is enjoying the social media campaign from Chris Adonis (Masters) and would like to break the 'Master Lock' again

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A showdown between the two would be ‘cool’, says Lashley. 

For weeks on social media and in media interviews, Chris Adonis (Masters) suggested the idea or mentioned the possibility of heading back to WWE and sharing the ring with Bobby Lashley. 

It was Lashley who broke Adonis’ ‘Master Lock’ challenge and present day, Lashley’s finisher is that same maneuver titled ‘The Hurt Lock’. 

Ahead of the 2023 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, Hindustan Times spoke to Bobby and asked for his thoughts about Adonis’ comments and said he’s been enjoying it. He thinks it would be ‘cool’ for Chris to come back, adding that he’d like to break the ‘Master Lock’ again but said Chris is not breaking out of ‘The Hurt Lock’. 

I love it. I’ve seen Chris, I follow him on social media and he’s been doing a lot. He’s been wrestling all over the world and he’s been getting better. And I think if he has an opportunity to come back, I think that would be a really cool showcase. Whether it happens at the Rumble, you never know. The Rumble always has surprises. I think Chris has kind of proved himself in the professional wrestling world. If he comes back, you know what I would do? I’d literally just turn around and put my hands out and tell him to put it on me again so that I can break it out for the second time. And then I’d ask him to do the same. And I guarantee you he’s not breaking out The Hurt Lock. So there’s a lot of things that could happen in that matchup, but I think it would be cool for the fans to see. And I did take that from him because if I break (it), it’s mine. 

Another bout on Lashley’s radar is another match with Brock Lesnar. They are currently tied at 1-1 in WWE. Lashley defeated Brock at the 2022 Royal Rumble and Lesnar got his win at Crown Jewel

He said although they’ve worked together several times now, there has not been much interaction between them backstage. He feels the next match they have could be No Holds Barred, Steel Cage or Extreme Rules. 

You know the interesting thing about Brock and I, I just met Brock maybe a couple years ago. Everybody was talking about us having this matchup for probably the beginning of my career back in 2005, but we never crossed paths. When he went to MMA, I was still in professional wrestling. I went to MMA, he went to professional wrestling and we just kind off kept messing with each other and not since probably maybe a few years ago did we first meet. There hasn’t been too much interaction between the two of us. We’ve had a few matches, a few interactions that have happened on-screen, but outside of that, Brock’s kind of a guy that kind of keeps it to himself. So there hasn’t really been anything back with Brock. I don’t think anybody really had anything backstage with Brock. But I look forward to the matchup with him. I like the kind of contests where it can make me push myself. I like to fight. Brock likes to fight. There’s a lot of similarities between the two of us, so I think that-that next matchup is what everybody wants to see will be No Holds Barred. It’s probably gonna come to a point where we’re gonna get locked in a cage or an Extreme Rules match or something like that. But it’s about to happen. 

At Raw 30, Lashley will have the opportunity to become a four-time WWE United States Champion when he takes on the current champion Austin Theory

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