Kevin Owens reflects on working for Stephanie McMahon, comments on rumors of WWE sale

Kevin Owens weighs in on the rumors of a WWE sale and shares his thoughts about Stephanie McMahon's resignation

Photo Courtesy: WWE

A potential sale is not something Owens is concerning himself with. 

As of January 10th, 2023, Stephanie McMahon was no longer Chairwoman and co-CEO of WWE. She resigned and her father, Vince McMahon was voted back onto the company’s Board of Directors as the Executive Chairman. 

Ahead of this weekend’s Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, San Antonio Express-News conducted an interview with Kevin Owens. He shared his thoughts about Stephanie’s resignation and said she’s been amazing to him. Owens said everyone is happy she gets to have this time to herself. 

(Stephanie) has been nothing but amazing to me my entire time here. And I was so happy to see her more at the shows and get to be around her and get to work for her. Everybody’s also kind of happy that she gets to take this time for herself.

Following up on that, Owens was asked about the rumors of a WWE sale. He is not concerning himself with it and said he’s focused on what takes place in the ring. 

The internet will say what the internet will say, and then the reality will be what really matters. We just care about what we do in the ring. That’s what we try to do our best at.

This coming Saturday will be the third time Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns compete at a Royal Rumble against each other with a championship on the line. 

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