Matt Hardy glad at “softened stance” that led to Jay Briscoe tribute on Dynamite

On Mark Briscoe's match with Jay lethal: "Wrestling can absolutely be cathartic."

Photo Courtesy: AEW

Matt Hardy has said he was happy at the change of stance by Warner Bros. Discovery that led to Wednesday’s tribute to Jay Briscoe on Dynamite.

He also spoke of how wrestling can be cathartic when addressing Mark Briscoe’s match with Jay Lethal.

Speaking on Wednesday, ahead of the broadcast, Hardy said in comments released Friday:

It made me really happy that the network kind of softened their stance up on the Briscoes and Jay Briscoe specifically, and they’re going to let Mark wrestle and they’re gonna honor Jay tonight. I mean, it’s really the right thing to do and I’m proud of them for making that decision.

The comments came on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. Hardy said of Jay Briscoe:

He was my friend. I worked with him quite a bit and I liked him a lot personally. We shared a lot of the same bonds and a lot of the same loves of family and children, so it’s very sad to see him gone. It’s a very hard reminder that life is precious, you know.

Live every day like it’s your last. You never know. Tomorrow’s not guaranteed for anyone.

On Mark Briscoe’s match with Jay Lethal, he added:

I really can’t imagine what Mark Briscoe has been through the last week, losing someone who’s that close to you, so it’s a lot of pressure on him to be performing tonight.

Knowing Mark as I do, I know he’s going to give it his all to really honor Jay tonight and make people remember how special and how great and how influential the Briscoes were.

Wrestling can absolutely be cathartic, especially if you’re someone who is so extremely passionate about it, and I know Mark Briscoe is.

I think for Mark Briscoe it will be cathartic and I think it means a lot to him to be able to honor Jay and produce a proper tribute for him to remember his life and his legacy.

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