The Bloodline destroys Sami Zayn after he helps Kevin Owens

Chaos ensued after Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Sami Zayn was brutally laid out by the members of the Bloodline after he helped Kevin Owens in a beat-down following the main event of the Royal Rumble.

Chaos ensued after a very physical match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, which Reigns won.

Absent until the match ended, Solo Sikoa and the Usos came to the ring.

Jey Uso was about to put a lei on Sami Zayn before Reigns stopped him, saying there was business to attend to.

They dragged Owens to the corner and placed a steel chair around his neck. Sikoa then hit him with a hip attack.

The post-match attack escalated, with Owens being shackled to the ring ropes and hit with multiple superkicks.

Reigns was about to hit Owens with a chair but Sami stepped in to tell him he didn’t need to do it. Reigns then gave Sami the chair and told him to hit Owens.

Instead, Zayn blasted Reigns in the back with the chair. This led to a relentless attack on Zayn by all the members of the Bloodline, with one exception. The audience reaction was enormous at this point, with loud chants of “F**k you, Roman.”

Jey Uso would not join in the attack on Sami, and slowly made his way to the back.

Before leaving the ring, Reigns ripped a lei apart and scattered the petals onto Zayn.

As the Royal Rumble event ended, fans were left with the visual of Owens and Zayn laid out in the ring.

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