Santino Marella to officiate May Valentine & Aron Stevens’ wedding on NWA Powerrr live

The official for Aron Stevens and May Valentine's wedding is Sam Teamo a.k.a. Santino Marella

Photo Courtesy: National Wrestling Alliance

The official for the wedding is ‘Sam Teamo’. 

Coming up at 7 PM EST is the National Wrestling Alliance’s first live episode of Powerrr.

The program is going to be airing on their YouTube channel and one of the segments/matches scheduled for the broadcast is the wedding of May Valentine and Aron Stevens. 

The NWA pushed out the announcement that their wedding will be officiated by ‘Sam Teamo’, also known as Santino Marella. 

A contract signing featuring Matt Cardona and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus is taking place on tonight’s broadcast to make their title match at ‘Nuff Said’ official. 

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