The Godfather signed new five-year WWE Legends deal

The Godfather states that he signed a new WWE Legends contract that is for five years

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A new five-year deal was signed by The Godfather. 

At WWE Raw 30, Charles ‘The Godfather’ Wright was one of many former talents that WWE brought in for the show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

He appeared in a segment with John Bradshaw Layfield, Ron Simmons and Baron Corbin to set up the ‘Poker game’ that lasted throughout the show. To recap it all, Godfather appeared on The Universal Wrestling Podcast

He revealed that he just signed a new five-year WWE Legends deal, adding that he’s been on the company’s payroll since 2003. 

To this day, I’ve been on a Legends contract since 2003 when I expired and I’ve just now signed another one for five years. So I mean, that says something. I’ve been on the payroll since 2003. It ain’t bad being The Godfather, believe me (he smiled).

This year, Wright filed trademarks for ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Papa Shango’. He said he does not own ‘The Godfather’ name right now and WWE has it while he’s under contract.

He stated that he’ll be in control of it once he’s no longer signed and added that he filed just to make sure it’s protected. 

No I don’t (own ‘The Godfather’ name). I can’t get into that right now, but at this point, they own the rights to it at this point, because I just signed. When that contract is over, I’ll own the rights to it. 

It came out a few days ago that I filed for the patents for ‘Papa Shango’ and ‘Godfather’. (But it’s primarily) just to protect it. Because, you know, they’ll have it for the next five years and then, it’ll be open, so, I wanted to protect it. For the five years that I’ll be on contract, it’s theirs. 

Wright is coming off of hip surgery. He said there was more for him to do at Raw 30 but plans had to change because he was not able to get around without assistance. 

He shared that he’ll be getting work done on his knees and Diamond Dallas Page told him to come see him after the operation. 

It’s always great seeing the guys, especially the ones you haven’t seen in a while (Godfather said about his Raw 30 experience). But, I got there around 2 o’clock. Now I just had hip surgery and so that’s Wednesday. They canceled me because they had a little more for me to do but they canceled it because at that point, I was basically still on a walker and then I had some appearances this week and I did ‘em on crutches but they called me Saturday, they’re like, ‘Hey, we need you.’ I’m like, ‘Guys, I’m on crutches right now. I’m not going on TV with crutches’ so, they came up with that little thing that I did. But it was great man. I was in there with (Hulk) Hogan and Dallas (Page) and now I gotta get my knees done pretty soon and Dallas was like, ‘Soon as you get your knee done, come on down and spend some time with me.’ Taker was in there, Teddy Long, Ron Simmons, Bradshaw, Alundra Blayze. We’re all in there just kicking. You had big screens and telling old stories and lies and taking some pictures. It was a good time.

JBL being the manager of Baron Corbin was brought up and Godfather was asked if he’d consider taking an on-screen role like that. 

He is not interested in that, but credited Corbin for showing respect to him at Raw 30. Corbin gifted Wright a bottle of Jack Daniels and told Godfather it was for when him and Undertaker hung out later. 

No (I’m not interested in coming back to TV to be an on-screen manager). I’m so busy man. I’m involved in the cannabis industry, I do seminars, I do signings. I’m just so busy, I don’t have time for that and I don’t wanna be tied into have to be here and have to be there. Right now, I’m doing my own thing. If I wanna work, I work. If I don’t, I don’t so no, I’m having a great time doing what I’m doing. I’m not looking to do anything like that but that’s a good kid (Baron Corbin). That’s the first time I met this kid… Before we do the shoot, he comes and he hands me a bottle of Jack Daniels and he goes, ‘Here. This is for you and Undertaker for later’ and I’m like, ‘Dude, thank you man.’ He showed that type of respect.

At Raw 30, Becky Lynch versus Bayley in a Steel Cage was advertised but did not take place. That match is happening on the 2/6 Monday Night Raw

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