Shawn Michaels feels it’s only a matter of time before Zoey Stark is on WWE main roster

Shawn Michaels heaps praise onto Zoey Stark and think she's as ready as anybody to be on WWE's main roster

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Shawn Michaels feels it’s only a matter of time for Zoey Stark. 

For the past two years, Zoey Stark has been with WWE. Throughout that stretch, she held the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles on one occasion and bounced back from a torn MCL and meniscus and was immediately inserted back into the title picture

Shawn Michaels, who is heading the NXT brand, spoke highly of Starks during his appearance on Busted Open Radio. He stated that she’s treated like a grizzled veteran in NXT despite being 29 years old. 

Michaels went on to add that he believes it’s only a matter of time before Stark is on the main roster and he’s loved having her in NXT. 

So first of all, I 100 percent agree with you (that Zoey Stark has a bright future ahead of her) and it’s funny because that’s exactly what we did with her. Almost nobody knew anything about her when she got here (to WWE) and that’s back when Hunter was here. So we just said, ‘Let’s put her out there and see how it goes,’ and she did, she knocked it out of the park. Zoey… she’s one of our studs, one of our stallions that we can always depend on and she has always been like that, again, from the very beginning and it’s crazy. We treat her now like she’s an old, wily veteran. We can ask Zoey to do anything and she’s got it. We can put her in any situation and she’s got it and for us to have her here in this system, to be able to have somebody like that is so important to us. Now, I double that with the, look, you know as well as I do, she’s ready. I think it’s only a matter of time to be perfectly honest. As much as we’ve loved having her here, I think she’s as ready as anybody to move up. Obviously, those aren’t my decisions but I’m with you (Bully Ray). I’m a huge fan, I do think the sky’s the limit with her. She is so extremely talented, so extremely poised and mature and there just isn’t any situation you can put her in that she won’t deliver and like you said, that’s hard to beat and that deserves to be recognized.

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