Bruce Prichard recounts Steve Austin almost running him over with Zamboni

Bruce Prichard tells the story of when Stone Cold Steve Austin almost ran him over with a Zamboni machine

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Prichard was sitting at a table before Steve Austin hit the curtain. 

The week of the 2023 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, WWE celebrated their 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw.

Bruce Prichard, Executive Director for WWE, took to his Something to Wrestle with podcast and looked back at some of his favorite memories from the show’s history. He recalled Stone Cold Steve Austin driving the Zamboni to the ring but Prichard shared that prior to Austin appearing in front of the live audience, he was almost run over by Austin. 

Well who knew that in rehearsal, they were gonna put curtains up so that the curtains could blind him (Stone Cold Steve Austin) and he wouldn’t know where the hell he was going. Plus he was wild as can be anyway. If you look real closely, you’ll see before Steve goes out into the audience and goes through the last bit of curtains where there’s a table and one person standing behind that table, that’s me. Almost getting killed by the Zamboni because Steve couldn’t see where he was going and almost ran me into the wall, ran me over with the Zamboni. But instead, it just pinned me against the wall and all was okay. But it was insanity and that became the, ‘Okay, what can Steve drive to the ring? And what can Steve drive that’s gonna be a holy sh*t moment?’ You run out of ‘em pretty quick when you try to do it every week. But that was the beginning, that was the start.

At WrestleMania 38, Steve Austin made his return to in-ring competition and defeated Kevin Owens. Following that appearance, Austin stated that if he was needed for WrestleMania 39, he’ll be there. 

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