Mark Andrews reviving ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, comments on exit from WWE

The ATTACK! Pro Wrestling promotion is coming back full-time with shows on April 1st and 2nd. Their first show back was in January

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The next two shows are on April 1st and 2nd. 

On January 21st, the ATTACK! Pro Wrestling promotion ran a show for the first time since March 2020. Mark Andrews is part of the ownership of the Wales-based promotion. 

‘Herald Wales’ has a feature story up about the reboot of ATTACK! and the piece includes comments from Andrews which he gave backstage at the return show. He stated that the promotion is coming back and he feels right now is the perfect time to do this. 

We’re bringing back ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, and we feel this is the perfect time to do it with everything that’s happened over the past few years, and we’re all very excited about what’s coming next. We started it originally back in 2011 just doing small shows in places like Cardiff and Birmingham, in front of small crowds as a place to express ourselves, but it quickly grew a very loyal fan base and became what I would say is the spiritual home of Welsh wrestling. If you look at the big names to come out of U.K. wrestling over the past few years such as myself, Eddie Dennis, Pete Dunne, Wild Boar and Flash Morgan Webster, most of them trace their roots back to these first ATTACK! shows, and we hope we can launch the next generation of talent from the area here as well now. People might not realize it but Wales is a hot-bed for wrestling and there is a very strong fan base of people who absolutely love coming to these kind of shows. It’s almost like it’s own little community in a way, with in-jokes and niche storylines built in to the production, and as many of the people in the audience have basically watched us growing up in the ring, we’re happy to be back in front of them in the venue where it all began for a lot of us.

Weeks out from WWE’s Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event, members of the NXT UK roster were cut while some opted not to stay with the company. 

The formation of NXT Europe was announced in place of NXT UK closing. Andrews said it was difficult to receive the news about NXT UK and that was the same month as his wedding. He added that he’d heard rumors he might appear at Clash at the Castle. 

It was hard, as we were hoping to be on one of the biggest shows the U.K. has ever seen in Cardiff, but instead, just days before that event in the stadium took place, we found out we had been let go, which was a bit of a shock to us all. It was a very difficult time for me as it was the same month as my wedding and I’d heard rumors I might make an appearance at Clash at the Castle, so to go from that to then hearing we were being let go was tough. Life goes on though, and even though a number of us were released from the WWE, it’s given us the opportunity to come back to where it all started with ATTACK!. What we want to get across is that these are special shows intended for everyone to enjoy, where there is a unique atmosphere and connection between the athletes and the audience. Obviously we want to keep that same type of atmosphere we had before, but we also want to try and make it even bigger this time round and we’ve made a lot of improvements behind the scenes. We hope as many people as possible can come to see our next series of shows now in April, which will be our biggest to date.

Both Butch (Pete Dunne) and Chris Brookes were co-owners of ATTACK!. The next two shows are scheduled for April 1st and 2nd. Below are the results from the return show on 1/21:

  • Jay Joshua def. Kid Lykos II
  • Brendan White & Danny Jones def. L.K. Mezinger & Splits McPins
  • Morgan Webster def. Kid Lykos
  • Wild Boar def. Dani Luna
  • Four Way Match: James Ellis def. Chuck Mambo and ELIJAH and Rhio
  • Nico Angelo def. Eddie Dennis
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