TJPW announces Juria Nagano is undergoing surgery, scheduled to appear at 2/11 show

Juria Nagano injured her left finger and as a result, she'll be undergoing surgery but is still scheduled for TJPW's 2/11 show

Photo Courtesy: Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

Nagano is still scheduled to appear at the 2/11 show. 

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling pushed out the news that Juria Nagano suffered an injury to her left finger. The exact nature of the injury was not disclosed, but she’ll be undergoing surgery. 

TJPW has an event on 2/11 at Korakuen Hall and Juria is going to be present to speak to the live audience. 

It was in January 2022 that Juria first joined TJPW. She was scouted by CyberFight President Sanshiro Takagi. Juria has a background in karate and was an active nurse when she joined TJPW.

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