Lio Rush reflects on his tweet to Tony Khan about Big Swole, comments on idea of working with WWE again

Lio Rush states that he does not regret anything when asked for his thoughts about the tweet he sent to Tony Khan in December 2021

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Rush weighs in on his retirement announcements and the idea of working with WWE again. 

In December 2021, AEW President Tony Khan publicly reacted to comments made by Big Swole, who voiced her opinions about the internal structure of AEW, diversity and the women’s division. 

Khan’s remarks about Swole drew the attention of Lio Rush, who was under contract to All Elite Wrestling at the time. Rush demanded that Khan apologize for his comment. 

A full year removed from that exchange, Rush was asked about it during a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest. He stated that he does not regret anything he’s done and feels it’s best that he learn from the experience. 

Like I said, I never regret, I rarely regret anything that I do and if it is something that maybe I shouldn’t have done or it could have been handled differently then let me learn from that experience, you know what I mean? I’d rather learn from my own mistakes than have somebody tell me to do something and then, you know, it goes either way.

Several years ago, Rush was released from WWE which put an end to his three-year run in the company. The idea was brought up of Rush coming back to the company but only as a manager. Rush said if that was what WWE really wanted, he’d think about it. 

I’d say I’d think about it (hearing WWE out if they wanted him back to solely be a manager). Yeah, I’d think about it. I’m getting older, so my knees hurt (Rush laughed).

There have been a few points throughout Lio’s career when he has announced that he’ll be stepping away from wrestling. He reiterated that he does not regret anything concerning his career and feels it’s all part of his journey. 

Never, never (did I regret making my retirements public). I don’t regret — no… Not really that day (those announcements weren’t made based off how he was feeling in that exact moment). Just a build up. Just an overall build up. I mean, decisions typically don’t get just decided within a day. Not at all (do I regret it). I mean it’s just a part of my story, it’s a part of my journey. Whether people wanna follow it or not or they don’t agree with something I say, you don’t have to be a fan of me, you know what I mean? I’m not forcing you to be a fan so, yeah.

On 2/11, Rush made it to the second round of the Jersey J-Cup. He bested Tony Deppen in the first round and lost to Joey Janela in the second. 

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